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Withdrawal causes stress on an already compromised system. Heart failure and seizures can occur regardless of perceived health. Detoxing in a treatment center is a safe alternative to home detox. Medical staff can watch your blood pressure and heart rate, keeping your safe from serious complications. Once detox is complete, you can transfer to a substance abuse treatment center. There are several substance abuse rehab options to choose from in Southern Florida.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) as Rehab Options

Alcohol and drug addiction changes one’s personality, often inducing violence. For people who are a danger to themselves and others, PHP is a safe rehab choice. PHP’s are like a hospital environment while still fostering community support with other recovering addicts.

PHP’s give more support for those still struggling with the effects of withdrawal symptoms too. Health and medication monitoring in a hospital-like setting increases the chances of recovery without experiencing post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS).

During your stay in a PHP, you will receive therapy designed to uncover the root of your addiction. Evidence-based therapies will help you find and disarm triggers that cause relapse so you can stay sober.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) as Rehab Options

IOP is a primary treatment recommended by the judicial system. They are known as halfway houses and sober living homes. These homes offer more freedom to patients while giving focused attention to recovery. By living with others seeking sobriety in an IOP you will have more accountability while restructuring your life. This makes transitioning back into society easier for you and your loved ones.

Outpatient (OP) Treatment as Rehab Options

OP treatment allows recovering addicts to live at home while seeking addiction recovery. Whether in your own home or in an apartment close to the treatment center, OP offers more flexibility. Many patients keep a job and family obligations while receiving quality care.

Rehab Options in South Florida

All the rehab options are available in Southern Florida even if you are a resident of another state. PHP and IOP programs offer secure housing included in the costs of recovery services. OP treatment will require private housing solutions. Southern Florida, especially Delray Beach, is a thriving recovery community. Shared housing may be possible by looking through local classified ads online.

Aftercare as Rehab Options

Even after identifying and learning how to disarm triggers of substance abuse, new triggers will surface. To keep sobriety, one will need ongoing addiction treatment. Before leaving a PHP, IOP, or OP program, your counselor will help put together an aftercare recovery plan. It may include medication, therapy, and 12-Step Programs. This plan must be shared with your primary care physician.

A common mistake among new recoverees is to believe they are completely healed after one treatment program. Those with this belief let their guard down, often relapsing within a few months. Long-term care is necessary to keep lifelong sobriety.

Choosing Rehab Options in South Florida

Choosing the right rehab option can seem overwhelming but it does not need be. Talk to an addiction recovery specialist to find the best rehab options for your symptoms, family, and finances. Call Northlake Recovery at (561)-770-6616.

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