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Will power cannot force sobriety overnight. Addiction takes time to overcome a person’s life. It will take time to overcome addiction. There is no quick fix or immediate solution, but hope is available when one can surrender to the process.

What does surrender mean? Surrender means that everyone involved stops fighting the reality that addiction is a serious problem. It will take persistence and patience to get sober. Treatment is necessary for recovery.

Treatment comes with expense and many refuse treatments because the cost seems great. Addiction is costlier than treatment. Aside from the money needed for the substance abuse, it ultimately costs people’s lives. Around 570,000 people die from drug use every year in the United States.

Once surrendered to the need for help, it takes an open mind to pay for rehab.

Insurance Policies to Pay for Rehab

Many insurance policies cover rehab and other addiction treatments. Check the insurance coverage guide received during enrollment for details of coverage. If the coverage guide is not available, information may be available on the website of the insurance provider. Or a call to the insurance provider will verify coverage.

Keep in mind, the holder of the account will need to call or a medical care provider can call on the account holder’s behalf. Check with the chosen treatment center as some will verify insurance for the patient. Northlake Recovery offers free insurance verification for those seeking treatment.

Self-Pay Treatment

The hard truth is 44 million Americans have no health insurance. Another 38 million Americans lack adequate coverage. So the burden of financing addiction recovery may fall on the shoulders of the addict and family.

While refinancing the home is a choice, many do not have assets to refinance. That is why Northlake Recovery is committed to giving equal opportunity for treatment to anyone seeking help. Northlake Recovery works with individuals and family members to make the most affordable recovery treatment and payment plan for rehab. M-Lend Finance partners with Northlake Recovery to offer interest free financing.

Employer Assistance Programs

It is estimated that 60% of Americans suffering with addiction are employed, and that addiction costs the United States $276 billion per year. Early addiction treatment helps reduce loss of productivity and healthcare costs. Employers have become more sympathetic towards addiction treatment. Many companies implemented an Employer Assistance Program (EAP) to help employees recover from substance abuse. Check with the human resource department for more information.

Government-Funded Programs

Again, keep an open mind while researching how to pay for rehab. Government agencies offer low cost and free addiction services. The problem with these programs is a lack of funding results in less qualified staff and treatments. Often a long wait list means those who need immediate attention may not receive treatment. Over 86,000 people died of overdoses in 2018.

While free or low cost addiction treatments seem appealing, weigh the cost of private treatment against the risk of overdose while waiting for help.

Local Community Organizations

As recovery programs gain support, community agencies offer financial aid. Check with local organizations for more information. Veterans groups, religious institutions, and charities may offer support or know other organizations than can help.

Contact Northlake Recovery Today

Northlake Recovery will help you plan and decide how to pay for rehab. Call (561)-770-6616 for a free consultation with an Addiction Specialist today.

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