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Addiction is insidious. Thoughts of relapse, using substances, creep in when one least expects them. Instead of giving into those thoughts, learn how others are beating addiction through action steps.

Beating Addiction Action Step #1: Get Support

Completing any task can be hard without support. That’s why coaches recommend accountability partners for everything from business goals to learning a new language and eating healthy to staying sober. Don’t stay the course alone! Beating addiction gets easier and becomes fun when you have friends cheering you on in recovery.

Beating Addiction Action Step #2: Distractions

When your support network is busy, you will need to distract yourself. Turn your mind towards other thoughts by reading a book or exercising. Exercise will release endorphins that your brain needs and will help reduce cravings.

Beating Addiction Action Step #3: Be Someone Else’s Support

The 12-Step Program works on the principle of sponsorship. If you want to stay sober, help someone else who is struggling with substance abuse. Seeing the effects of addiction first hand is a strong reminder to stay sober so volunteer to help new members of a recovery program.

Beating Addiction Action Step #4: Keep a Journal

Mindfulness and journaling help to keep things in perspective. When struggling with cravings, relapse, or withdrawal try to keep a journal. Write everything down as you feel it. These notes can serve as a reminder why you don’t want to abuse substances again. The next time you feel like using, read what you wrote about your withdrawal symptoms.

Beating Addiction Action Step #5: See the Patterns

Everyone who struggles with addictive behaviors has a pattern to using substances or engaging in psychological addiction. Be mindful of when the cravings attack and look for the triggers. Perhaps you overeat when you get a bad review at work or a customer complains. When you recognize the trigger, you can practice alternative action steps. The next time a customer complains go to the gym or take a walk instead of stopping for fast food that leaves you depressed.

Bonus Beating Addiction Action Step #6: Get Busy

Down time is great when you are not stuck in your head dreaming about your next hit. But for those struggling with cravings, you need to get busy. Find some place to volunteer. Groom and care for cats and dogs with no home at an animal shelter. Make thank you cards to everyone who has stood by you. Support a local charity with a donations drive. Do anything that will help someone else and get you out of your mind space.

What to do When These Action Steps Aren’t Enough?

Sometimes more action steps are necessary to keep a person sober. Addiction is insidious and relapse can occur even after years of sobriety. If you or a loved one is struggling with chronic thoughts of abusing drugs, call for help. Beating addiction is possible when you recognize and act. That action includes finding a rehab program when necessary.

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