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Inpatient Alcohol Rehabilitation

Residential Alcohol Rehab-What to Expect

At Northlake, we comprehend the challenges special to recovery from an alcohol usage condition. That is why we have designed our 35-day Inpatient Alcohol Rehab program for anyone who knows they require specialist aid for managing alcohol abuse causes, resolving the root causes of their drinking as well as cares to remain confidently sober over a life time.

Following a clinically supervised detoxification, clients stay on campus in our brand-new, modern facility, which is 3 miles from the beaches of sunny Florida. Within a supportive as well as family-like setting, clients submerse themselves in an extensive everyday regimen, 7 days a week, that consists of group and also specialized therapies for alcohol.

Guided by caring as well as knowledgeable medical and clinical specialists, clients find out new life abilities and also therapeutic coping tools, create systems of support, such as 12-step recovery groups, and also find the components of a healthy and balanced healing lifestyle– all as part of the Northlake pledge: individuals, purpose as well as enthusiasm.

What Patients Can Anticipate From Our Residential Alcohol Program:


35-day clinically monitored inpatient treatment program

Cutting edge, new center

Caring and highly skilled clinical as well as medical professionals

Evidence-based professional interventions

12-step recovery groups

The choice of family members treatment via our Family members Program

Distinguished high safety requirement, consisting of 24/7 one-on-one clinical tracking for clients who need it

What to Anticipate from a Residential Alcohol Rehabilitation Program

The primary goal of inpatient alcohol rehab is to offer clients with the recovery supports they need in order to achieve lasting freedom from alcohol. Northlake supplies this in the form of a highly customized strategy of medically and also clinically incorporated care. Customers at this degree of treatment get ongoing surveillance by our clinical team (as needed) for any kind of post-detox occurrence of post acute withdrawal syndrome. They also take part in everyday team and specific treatment.

The following are a few of the evidence-based clinical services our certified therapist may use to help with the recovery process:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a kind of psychiatric therapy that is deemed one of the most effective methods at dealing with addiction. Our CBT certified therapists work with recovering addicts to help pinpoint which are the behavioral patterns as well as cognitive patterns to find out the reasons behind their addictions. Then each client is educated in coping mechanisms as well as ways in which they can change their thinking and actions as to not feel the need to use substances.

Medication-Assisted Treatment is a very reliable therapy used throughout inpatient drug rehabilitation and after, depending upon the person and the nature of their dependency. After a thorough assessment by our on-site, addictions-certified psychoanalyst, customers might get medication assistance for their particular chemical dependency, as well as for any co-occurring medical diagnoses such as anxiety, depression or trauma (PTSD).

Mindful Meditation has come to be a vital component in drug addiction recovery programs throughout the country. Various research have revealed its effectiveness in treating drug addiction. With the guidance of our knowledgeable staff, clients at Northlake can discover valuable techniques for practicing better, non-judgmental attentiveness to their inner as well as external stresses. With this cultivation of mindfulness clients can leave the facility and still have tools to help them with their awareness of their triggers as well as their thoughts in order to make better more meaningful decisions.

Yoga, being another evidence-based therapy that can tie into the idea of mindfulness as well as be a great way to maintain physical fitness and overall wellbeing is a tool we use at Northlake. Licensed yoga teachers lead clients through poses and exercises that open awareness to the mind and body. This is yet another tool that our clients are encouraged to use as a way to refocus their thoughts after they leave treatment.

12-Step Life Skills Groups and Peer Support feature often in our day-to-day, addiction treatment program. Research reveals that engagement in 12-Step healing groups like Narcotics Anonymous substantially decreases the possibility of regression throughout the first critical year post-rehab. At Northlake, we provide 12-Step as well as other peer assistance options to our clients. Within the safety and security of these recovery teams, our clients discover important life abilities pertaining to anger management, trauma-based issues, grief, and drug cravings and relapse avoidance.

Family Treatment is an essential therapeutic measurement to obtaining freedom from addiction. Our family therapists invite clients’ closest support system into their recovery process, with the understanding that this support network will be an essential safeguard post-rehab, one that is recognized as being important in relapse prevention.

Why 35+ Days of Inpatient Rehabilitation for Alcohol Addiction.

Success rates significantly improve the longer somebody is taken part in a treatment program. Chances of relapse are greatest throughout the very first months of recovery– especially during the first month after detoxification when drug cravings are greatest as a result of depleted levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine (which plays a  big role in how feel pleasure). Therefore 35 days of inpatient drug treatment is the minimum time of treatment that we advise to clients who might not be able to carry out a longer course of treatment.

How to Know if You or a Loved One Requires Inpatient Treatment for a Drug Addiction

Post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS): According to a UCLA publication PAWS symptoms most commonly manifest after a withdrawal period from alcohol, benzodiazepines and opioids. It is estimated that 90 percent of recovering opioid users experience the syndrome to some degree as do 75 percent of recovering alcohol and psychotropic abusers. Symptoms of Paws include but are not limited to:

  • Cravings for alcohol
  • Cognitive difficulties
  • Irritability and hostility
  • Feelings of anxiety or panic
  • Depressed mood
  • Relationship issues
  • Obsessive-compulsive behaviors
  • Low motivation, apathy or pessimism
  • Sleep problems
  • Heightened sensitivity to stress

One or more of the above symptoms can cause a relapse if an addict isn’t surrounded by a clinical and medical team as well as an environment built around recovery.

Likewise, many alcohol-dependent clients need medical professionals to reduce the yearnings and withdrawal symptoms which is often complimented temporary with the use of medications such as naltrexone. Medical supervision can ensure a comfortable and smooth transition into sobriety.

How to Know If You or a Family Member Needs Inpatient Treatment for Alcohol

Any individual with a diagnosable AUD (alcohol use disorder) can take advantage of going to inpatient rehabilitation programs. Here are some common signs to try to find that might show the existence of an AUD that needs therapy:

A repetitive pattern of drinking despite unfavorable consequences

Drinking more and more to cope with stress and anxiety or just to function daily

Physical reliance on alcohol, marked by cravings and symptoms of withdrawal in the absence of alcohol

Engaging in high-risk actions such as driving intoxicated

Alcohol-related issues at the workplace or college and/or in individual relationships

Alcohol-related difficulties with the law

Not successful previous efforts to give up drinking

How Much Will Alcohol Inpatient Rehabilitation Cost?

A concern of many families and individuals is how will they be able to afford inpatient rehab. Fortunately, high quality drug treatment doesn’t have to drive you to bankruptcy. Thanks to government regulation that is currently in effect, insurance providers are required to assist addicts in need with financial help. On top of that we provide reasonable financing options.

We approve insurance coverage from over 25 major carriers.

Northlake Recovery saved my life. I went there in June of 2020, and I haven’t touched a substance ever since.

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Why Choose Our Drug Rehab Center?

Our Positive Treatment Outcomes – These consistently outperform those for our competitors. By applying a “client-directed, outcome-informed” approach that is highly personalized to the needs of each client, and by measuring our outcomes with the help of an independent third party, we are continuously evaluating what is working well and what can be done better in serving our clients’ treatment needs.

The Purpose of Detox – What to Expect from Our Florida Medical Detox Program

The purpose of Northlake Recovery’s drug and alcohol detox program is to provide clients with a safe, comfortable and complete withdrawal that will help clients transition to the next level of treatment— all within the peace, privacy and convenience of our self-contained, three-acre campus. Our brand-new, state-of-the-art Florida detox center is situated near the beach. Northlake Recovery is also conveniently located near three major airports (Palm Beach International, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International, and Miami International), close to leading area hospitals (Jupiter, JFK, and Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center), and enjoys easy access to one of the nation’s leading recovery hubs (Palm Beach County).

Here is what to expect from our drug and alcohol detox program:

  • A thorough medical and clinical assessment upon admission
  • A customized plan of care for your treatment needs
  • 24/7 high-level medical supervision of withdrawal symptoms
  • Renowned high safety standard, including one-on-one monitoring for clients who need it
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for cravings, if needed
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment for co-occurring mental disorders

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