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12 Step Program


12-Step Addiction Treatment


The principle of the 12-Step program originated in 1935 with the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous. Today, our company believes that this framework supplies the needed foundation for recovery, furnishing individuals with methods and also approaches that help them to cope during the early phases of living a sober life.

By resolving their previous decisions and also developing a new fellowship, those who carry out a 12-Step program establish a connection of accountability as well as help from those who have been through the steps before. While these steps are rooted in Christianity, we adapt them so that the principles within are accommodating to individuals of all beliefs.

12 Step Core


The procedures utilized in the 12 steps program assist in dealing with the physical, spiritual, and psychological difficulties of rehabilitation. We encourage involvement in recovery meetings for all our residents whether they have been there 1 day or 1 month.

At Northlake, we provide day-to-day on-site and offsite 12-Step meetings. After one’s time in treatment has been achieved, we encourage everyone to get involved with in AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and/or NA (Narcotics Anonymous), especially to find and work with a sponsor. There are a wide variety of recovery meetings daily within minutes of Northlake, so there is always a meeting that will fit your timetable. A 12-Step structure can be tremendously valuable in your recovery after therapy.

Beyond the 12 Step Philosophy


The 12 Steps are simply one collection of devices utilized in Northlake’s recovery strategy. In combination with various other evidence-based treatments and therapies, they can be an indispensable tool when it comes to living a life of sobriety. For more information on how our addiction therapy experts integrate the 12-Step approaches into each client’s recovery plan, call us today.

Northlake Recovery saved my life. I went there in June of 2020, and I haven’t touched a substance ever since.

ChrisSober since 18/10/2020

Why Choose Our Drug Rehab Center?

Our Positive Treatment Outcomes – These consistently outperform those for our competitors. By applying a “client-directed, outcome-informed” approach that is highly personalized to the needs of each client, and by measuring our outcomes with the help of an independent third party, we are continuously evaluating what is working well and what can be done better in serving our clients’ treatment needs.

The Purpose of Detox – What to Expect from Our Florida Medical Detox Program

The purpose of Northlake Recovery’s drug and alcohol detox program is to provide clients with a safe, comfortable and complete withdrawal that will help clients transition to the next level of treatment— all within the peace, privacy and convenience of our self-contained, three-acre campus. Our brand-new, state-of-the-art Florida detox center is situated near the beach. Northlake Recovery is also conveniently located near three major airports (Palm Beach International, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International, and Miami International), close to leading area hospitals (Jupiter, JFK, and Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center), and enjoys easy access to one of the nation’s leading recovery hubs (Palm Beach County).

Here is what to expect from our drug and alcohol detox program:

  • A thorough medical and clinical assessment upon admission
  • A customized plan of care for your treatment needs
  • 24/7 high-level medical supervision of withdrawal symptoms
  • Renowned high safety standard, including one-on-one monitoring for clients who need it
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for cravings, if needed
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment for co-occurring mental disorders

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