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If you’ve become addicted to painkillers, there’s no need to feel ashamed or alone. In 2018, one in 20 Americans aged 12 or older reported abusing prescription painkillers for non-medical reasons. Becoming physically dependent on highly addictive painkillers can happen to virtually anyone. What really matters is the next step you take to treat your painkiller addiction.

Professional & accredited drug rehab is the answer to fighting addiction long-term. First, addicts should select a quality, safe medical detox program. Quitting cold turkey alone is both dangerous and ineffective. Medical detox for painkiller addiction will help you abstain from drugs while being under the close watch of highly trained opiate detox specialists.

Stages of Medical Detox for Painkiller Addiction

Before starting medical detox, patients are screened by a health practitioner to identify any medical concerns that could affect detoxification. Then, patients are supervised 24/7 in a hospital or residential treatment center as the body starts eliminating the drugs. Painkillers significantly alter the brain’s nerve cells, so the following withdrawal period can cause:

  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Extreme irritability and anger
  • Delirious hallucinations
  • Sleepless and insomnia
  • Body aches and pain
  • Depression and/or anxiety
  • Confusion and disorientation
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Chills, goose bumps and tremors

Withdrawal symptoms typically peak at 36 to 72 hours, but can last for up to two weeks. One of the benefits of medical detox is that medications can be given to help lessen discomfort. Suboxone and buprenorphine are commonly given to reduce drug cravings. In some severe cases, rapid detox can be provided under general anesthesia.

Benefits of Medical Detox for Painkiller Addicts

Although withdrawal symptoms for painkiller addiction aren’t usually life-threatening, being surrounded by medical staff is one of the major benefits of medical detox. Experienced clinicians will provide the positive support system to physically and mentally adjust to sobriety. Freeing the mind from the toxic influence of painkillers is essential before starting drug addiction therapy.

Detoxifying yourself from the powerful hold of drugs brings back control of your life. Fighting through the cravings will help break the cycle of constantly searching for more painkillers. Other major benefits of medical detox include:

  • Improving organ functioning (especially liver)
  • Stopping lethargy with an energy boost
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Building a more nutritious diet
  • Cleansing the mind for clearer thinking
  • Finding a renewed zest for life

Treatment After Medical Detox for Painkiller Addiction

Medical detox for painkiller addiction isn’t sufficient for resolving the cause of addiction itself. It’s essential that you follow up your detox with individual counseling and peer group therapy to address the psychological triggers. At Northlake Recovery in Boynton Beach, Florida, we offer outpatient evidence-based recovery programs in South Florida to help addicts prevent relapse after detox. Contact Northlake Recovery today at (561)-770-6616 and start meeting your sobriety goals.

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