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Virtually no community in America is untouched by drug overdose deaths. In New Jersey (NJ), Williamstown is infamous for heroin overdoses at a rate 25 times higher than the national average in 2014. But the Governor, Chris Christie, is focused on rehabilitation NJ.

Gov. Christies’ Motivation for Rehabilitation NJ

Christie is no stranger to the effects of addiction. His mother smoked when she was a teen before the Surgeon General’s warning was added to cigarettes in 1964. While she knew, it was dangerous to continue smoking, she could not stop. Gum, hypnosis, and patches did not work for his mother. Her addiction to cigarettes led her to a life-threatening disease. She was eventually diagnosed with cancer in her seventies.

Christie is quick to note she was not denied treatment for the effects of her addiction. There is no stigma around cancer caused by smoking. Yet others who suffer disease at the hand of drug addiction are treated much different. This stigma must be changed.

A Different Story of Addiction

Christie watched a close friend struggle with a pain-killer addiction. His friend was a fellow law school graduate with a family and great career. His friend had a back injury and was prescribed Percocet, a semi-synthetic opioid. Within a year, his friend was addicted. Christie helped with an intervention which led to him getting into recovery, and ten-year cycle in and out of rehab. Nothing seemed to help his friend get sober.

This cycle of rehab and addiction is all too common in NJ. In 2014, 19,112 people sought more treatment for substance abuse.

At age 52, his friend overdosed on Percocet and vodka. He was alone in a motel room.

Christie knows this is not an unusual end to the story, but he is hoping to change the ending for others addicted to drugs or alcohol. “It can happen to anyone. And so we need to start treating people in this country, not jailing them,” he said. “We need to give them the tools they need to recover. Because every life is precious. Every life is an individual gift from God. And we have to stop judging and start giving them the tools they need to get better.”

Rehabilitation NJ Involves Law Enforcement

Winter of 2016 brings change to how Gloucester County police departments handle people arrested for low-level drug offenses. These people will be given resources to get help for their substance abuse. Pamphlets and lists of resources to get help may be the first step of recovery for many of these people.

Rehabilitation NJ and New Legislature

In October 2016, Christie signed new legislation that requires rules to be developed allowing county and municipal law enforcement to set up drug programs. Guidelines will be developed for recruiting and training law enforcement, counselors, and volunteers to work in the drug treatment programs.

It is Christies hope that law enforcement will be the front-line in getting people help for substance abuse.

Looking for Rehabilitation NJ?

While measures are being taken to help those suffering from substance abuse in NJ, there’s not enough support for all those afflicted. If you are ready to get recovery now, there’s an alternative to rehabilitation NJ. Call Northlake Recovery at (561)-770-6616. Addiction Specialists will help you find the recovery support you need when you need it. Call today for a free consultation and insurance verification.

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