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Northlake Recovery’s residential program is an alcohol and drug-free environment for those working towards lasting sobriety. Residents must attend peer support groups, 12-Step Recovery programs, and may need periodic drug tests.

Florida Drug and Alcohol Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Our trusted residential program gives intensive outpatient treatment to recovering addicts in the rejuvenating Florida sunshine. Recovering addicts have more freedom to resume a normal life without drugs or alcohol while focusing on sobriety in a group setting. We provide daily transportation to the treatment center. This offers the recovering addict more support and accountability during the transition from addictive to sober thinking.

When to Stay at a Florida Sober House

People who consider living in our drug and alcohol residential facilities are often already in recovery. They have completed inpatient treatment and are looking for more support before returning to a home environment. Sometimes a person new to recovery will stay in a sober home due to a court order or an unsafe home.

What’s Expected When Living in our Residential Facilities?

Northlake Recovery’s residential program is a safe and structured environment. Each individual will have a private room or share space with one other person. While there, you will be expected to work with a sponsor, attend meetings and therapy. All of these things work together to build a solid support system.

During your time in a sober house, you may work towards mending broken relationships. Family therapy and visitation is an important aspect of healing those bonds. It is also important to work towards finding employment and paying off debt from your addiction days. This is a step towards healing yourself and those who struggled with you.

Our Residence Builds Confidence

By staying in a home with others facing similar challenges you can encourage and strengthen each other in sobriety. Sharing a goal of sobriety and talking about the challenges will show you are not alone in the journey. You can learn to confide in others and stand strong in recovery. Often the friendships formed in a sober house last a lifetime.

Northlake Recovery Residence Builds Character

Living in one of our amazing residential facilities will offer plenty of opportunity to hit the beach and relax. But it will also require building character, community, and learning responsibility. Residents help with cooking, cleaning, and general maintenance of the house. A curfew helps residents avoid pitfalls and develop sober relationships in the house. These responsibilities help you develop self-esteem and accountability during a delicate time in your recovery.

Northlake Recovery Dedicated to Zero Tolerance Policies

Random drug testing may be required while in residence at a Florida sober house. This is to help prevent relapse and keep negative influences away from other residents. If a drug test comes back positive, you may be asked to leave the house. Other areas of zero tolerance are abuse and violence.

Need More Information on our Residential Programs?

If you would like more information about or facilities or programs, call Northlake Recovery at (561)-770-6616 to speak with an addiction specialist. Calls are confidential.

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