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Drug abuse kills 200,000 people across the globe each year. It claims the lives of 46,471 people in the United States each year. Despite the death toll, many young people still ask what does meth feel like when you use the drug? The question of what does meth feel like needs to change. The question needs to ask, what does meth feel like as it destroys your body and life?

What Does Meth Feel Like as it Destroys Your Emotional Health?

Meth use causes extreme mood swings. At first meth users feel euphoric. With continued use, meth causes irritability, anxiety, confusion, and severe depression. Meth users can be aggressive and violent.

What Does Meth Feel Like as it Messes with Your Head?

Meth makes you feel crazy. It causes psychotic behavior that can last months after using the drug. Many people who use meth report delusional thoughts and paranoia. They often suffer from hallucinations.

What Does Meth Feel Like as it Destroys Your Social Life?

Meth users are alone and depressed. They become obsessed with the drug and lose sight of family and friends. The drug becomes their only focus.

What Does Meth Feel Like as it Destroys Your Body & Mind?

Meth users lose their appetite. They stop eating to continue using the drug. Meth users are starving their bodies. Eventually their bodies will look like skeletons with skin draped over it. Their brain functions change in ways that cannot be explained. Normal everyday things that would be fun and adventurous to non-addicts become meaningless and more of a hassle than they are welcoming. Everything from your sleep schedule, to the way you interact with other individuals slowly changes you into an unrecognizable person, especially to your friends and family.

What Does Meth Feel Like as it Destroys Your Mouth and Teeth?

If you have ever had a tooth ache increase that pain by a hundredfold and you know what meth feels like in your mouth. Meth use destroy teeth and gums. Teeth become brittle and break. Meth users do not have the money to visit a dentist, so they live with the pain.

What Does Meth Feel Like as it Destroys Your Skin?

Meth can cause a person to feel like bugs are crawling on their skin. This is a hallucination so real they violently scratch at their skin causing soars all over their bodies. These soars eventually scab over until they scratch them again at the onset of more hallucinations.

What Does Meth Feel Like as it Destroys Your Ability to Sleep?

Some people use meth to have more energy and work longer hours without sleep. But over time, meth will destroy your ability to sleep causing chronic fatigue. Those suffering from chronic fatigue feel constantly disoriented and unable to work.

What Does Meth Feel Like as it Destroys Your Sex Life?

At first meth can increase your sex drive. Many meth users abandon caution and engage in aggressive, unprotected sex. Many meth users contract HIV/AIDS due to this reason. Over time, meth can cause impotence and destroy your sex life completely.

What Does Meth Feel Like as it Destroys Your Community?

Meth use and meth labs create chaos and distrust in the community. Meth labs pollute the environment and contaminate water sources. Make-shift labs are up anywhere and can explode endangering everyone near them.

What Does Meth Feel Like as it Kills You?

Meth use causes heart disease and other problems with your liver, kidney, and lungs. These diseases are fatal and will kill you slowly.

Get Help for Meth Addiction

Don’t be one of the 46 out of 471 Americans who will die from drug abuse this year. Instead of asking what does meth feel like, ask how to get help for meth addiction? Call (561)-770-6616 right now to speak with an addiction specialist.

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