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Shooting methamphetamine causes aggression, dental problems, malnutrition, memory loss, and severe weight loss for the user. Seeking the drug and its abuse also causes waves of crime, child neglect and abuse, and threatens the stability of whole communities. Continue reading if you would like to stop shooting methamphetamine.

Stop Shooting Methamphetamine with Medical Detox

The first step to stop shooting methamphetamine is to detox the drug from your system. Methamphetamine detox can be dangerous as the organs in your body are already under severe stress. To detox safely, you need to detox at a treatment facility or hospital. Nurses will check your progress and your doctor will adjust treatment as needed. Some doctors may prescribe other medications to decrease the stress of withdrawal symptoms on the body.

Common Withdrawal Symptoms When You Stop Shooting Methamphetamine

Detox will last a few weeks or more. Common withdrawal symptoms include breathing problems, chest pain, mood swings, paranoia, and weight loss. During detox, some centers will test for co-occurring disorders that may cause addiction.

Stop Shooting Methamphetamine with Drug Treatment

After you have detoxed from methamphetamine abuse, you will need to treat the cause of your addiction. Counseling and therapy will teach valuable coping skills to deal with situations that led to past drug abuse.

The reason you used meth differs from the reasons others may use meth. You need specialized treatment to deal with situations and people that trigger you to use meth. Look for a treatment center that will create a therapy program for your needs. Ask if the center you are interested in will create an individualized treatment plan while you are in therapy.

Meth addicts often hit a period of depression after detoxing. This period of depression is called “the wall” and is a vulnerable time when many addicts relapse. The wall occurs about 45 days into recovery. Inpatient treatment for meth addiction should last at least 60 to 90 days so a recovery meth addict can have constant support during this critical stage.

More Support to Stop Shooting Methamphetamine

When the time comes to leave rehab, you need to have a continuing care plan in place to keep you sober. Your continuing care plan should include medical checkups with a primary physician, therapy, group counseling, and support from the rehab facility for one year. Some recovering addicts benefit from staying in a recovery home after rehab to continue treatment in a safe environment.

May recovering addicts also benefit from nutritional education, cooking classes, exercise, and mindfulness meditations.

12-Step Programs to help Prevent Relapse

Consider joining a 12-Step Programs like Crystal Meth Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous to meet others sober from shooting methamphetamine. Talking to others who are sober and living a normal life will encourage you to continue on the journey of sobriety.

Do You Want to Stop Shooting Methamphetamine?

If you want to stop shooting methamphetamine, Northlake Recovery can help. We will help you locate a treatment center close to you where you can safely detox. Once detoxed, you can enter one of our treatment programs to help you understand why you abused meth. That understanding will help us focus on coping skills you need to stay sober. Call (561)-770-6616 now to speak with an addiction specialist.


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