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Recovery is a voluntarily maintained, sustainable lifestyle that’s first exemplified by living a life empowered by our continued sobriety from alcohol and other non-prescribed drugs. As fruits of the transformation process of recovery we also will experience a state of wellness that permits us the ability to heal relationships, improve our personal health and nurture in us a commitment to integrity and citizenship.

A Note From The Editor

I love to watch things being built. It doesn’t matter what it is; a bridge, a skyscraper or a child’s playhouse. I always marvel at the talent and skills that are necessary to create and build something where there was once just an empty lot.

That’s what recovery from addictions is like. Treatment is the opportunity to engineer a whole new and better person, where before there was nothing but a blank space where our previously addicted lives used to be.

Recovery is our newly erected bridge that grants us the ability to re-connect with our loved ones and lives that have been neglected and wounded by our years of substance use.

Recovery is our soaring new skyscraper that inspires us to reach never before heights of peace, pleasure and possibilities.

Recovery is our new playhouse that rewards us with the ability to laugh and experience the joys of life and love again.

Recovery should not be endured; but enjoyed, embraced and compassionately shared with those who have yet to discover the elation that liberation from addiction produces.

Recovery shouldn’t be a source of shame and stigmatization; because it’s the fountain of our dignity and pride that springs forth from our renewed sense of self-esteem and self –respect.

My hope is for people to understand that treatment involves so much more than sobriety. Sobriety is just the necessary first step on a lifetime journey of long term recovery. Sobriety allows us the ability to begin to make better choices that affect our lives and the lives of those that surround us in our family, workplace and community. Sobriety is about yesterday and today, while treatment is about today and tomorrow.

My passion for treatment comes from witnessing firsthand the glistening and sturdy structures that are standing in my own life and those; who together with me courageously undertake the challenging and yet rewarding task of engineering a new person. I have never worked with a more dedicated and family orientated company that truly helps the clients they accept into their program. Northlake Recovery sets the standards high in the South Florida recovery industry.

Treatment Options

If you’re struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, treatment is an absolute must. A professional drug and alcohol rehab treatment center like Northlake Recovery can help you reclaim your life from the clutches of drug and alcohol addiction. Our evidence-based therapy models are backed by science to heal the mind of those struggling with addiction. Call us today at (561)-770-6616

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