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Heroin Addiction Rehab Center Can Help

Heroin is a substance made from the Asian opium poppy plant. The substance itself normally appears as a slightly off-white or almost brown powder. It is also occasionally turned into a black, sticky substance known as “black tar heroin.”

An estimated 4.2 million Americans at the age of 12 or older have been cited as using this drug at least once in their lives as of 2011. Similar to morphine in composition, heroin is highly addictive. Heroin is habit forming and can create a physical addiction in the user as well. For people suffering from heroin addiction, proper addiction treatment is extremely important.

Why Is Proper Addiction Treatment So Important For South Florida Residents Suffering From Heroin Addiction?

Heroin is commonly injected, snorted, smoked, or inhaled. Each route of administering the drug causes it to be delivered rapidly to the brain. This increases the chances for negative effects to set in with prolonged use.

As heroin enters the brain, it is converted back into morphine and begins binding to the opioid receptors. This begins to retrain the brain’s reward system as it floods the brain with dopamine. This drug’s interaction with the brain of the user makes overdoses especially dangerous.

Overdoses on this drug often involve suppressing of the user’s breathing. This directly affects the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain which can lead to damage over time. Additional negative effects may include heaviness of extremities or clouded mental function.

What Are Common Methods Of Addiction Treatment For Heroin Addiction?

One of the most common methods of addiction treatment for heroin addiction includes peer group therapy. With peer group therapy, addicts can tailor their treatment to meet their needs. It is also very easy for addicts to integrate themselves into the routine of group therapy and ensure their treatment stays consistent.

Coinciding with group therapy are other evidence-based recovery methods including cognitive behavioral therapy. With this type of therapy, addicts allow their peers to challenge the negative thought patterns they have about themselves. This can work to counteract harmful habits or triggers which may lead to relapse.

Do South Florida Residents Need To Travel Far To Receive Proper Treatment For Heroin Addiction?

Florida residents looking for evidence-based recovery methods to treat their addiction are in luck. Some of the best resources for combating addiction to heroin in the country are located in Florida.

Ultimately, a professional addiction treatment center like Northlake Recovery in South Florida is often the answer to successfully overcoming an addiction to heroin. If you’ve been struggling with addiction or abuse, give us a call today at (561)-770-6616 to check your available options. We can help you build the healthy habits you need to gain true freedom from your addiction.

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