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Heroin is a very strong opioid that is synthesized from morphine, meaning it comes from the Asian opium poppy plant. The strength of this substance often leads to South Florida residents struggling with addiction. Obviously, they need help for heroin addiction.

This drug, which is most commonly injected, snorted, inhaled, or smoked, is usually found in three distinct forms:

  • An off-white powder
  • A brownish powder
  • A sticky and black substance, known as “black tar” heroin

As of 2018, 0ver estimated 4.2 million Americans over the age of 12 have tried heroin. Because this drug is delivered to the brain so quickly, it’s extremely habit-forming. People struggling with heroin addiction often develop both physical and mental addictions to this drug. The strength of heroin addiction often requires professional treatment to overcome.

What Are The First Steps For Seeking Help For Heroin Addiction For South Florida Residents?

Many treatment centers focus on evidence-based recovery methods. This may include peer group therapy. With peer group therapy, you can tailor your recovery to suit your unique needs. Identifying a treatment facility that specializes in evidence-based recovery can be an important first step when seeking help for heroin addiction.

What Other Steps Should I Take If I’m Seeking Help For Heroin Addiction?

It’s also important to ensure you can detox in a safe environment when seeking help for heroin addiction. This may mean seeking a professional treatment center as soon as possible for medical detox. With medical detox, you can experience withdrawal in a controlled environment. Medical detox can often drastically reduce the effects of withdrawal from heroin, making it easier to successfully recover.

Will I Need To Travel Far To Start Treatment?

Many of the best treatment centers in the country are located in South Florida. It’s very likely that the treatment center which is right for you is not far away at all.

For many people struggling with heroin addiction, treatment at a professional rehab center can mean the difference between success or relapse. If you’re ready to get help for your addiction, give us a call today. Northlake Recovery can help you navigate through the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Call us today at (561)-770-6616.

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