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Medical Detox for Heroin Is Important

Heroin is a synthetic opioid made from morphine, a substance which naturally occurs in the Asian opium poppy. With regular use of this opioid, heroin addiction can quickly develop. Addiction to heroin has become widespread in recent years. As of 2019, it’s estimated that nearly 4.3 million Americans over the age of 12 have used this drug at least once in their life.

This drug is most commonly snorted, smoked or injected. Through these methods, heroin is delivered to the brain rapidly after being used, contributing to numerous health risks including the risk for addiction. A physical and mental addiction often develops with this drug. This makes for uncontrollable drug-seeking behavior and relapse is especially common with heroin use.

One of the most effective ways to combat this behavior is with medical detox for heroin addiction. For South Florida residents suffering from heroin abuse, the benefits of medical detox can be extensive.

What Are Some Specific Benefits Of Medical Detox For South Florida Residents Pursuing Medical Detox For Heroin Addiction?

Achieving a successful detox for heroin addiction can be extremely difficult without professional detox methods. One of the most common methods of medical detox includes utilizing substances such as methadone. Methadone can work to treat the physical symptoms of heroin withdrawal, making successfully detoxing easier.

Other benefits of medical detox include having the ability to detox in a safe, controlled environment. For many addicts, attempting to detox in their normal setting can quickly lead to relapse. Most of the time, removing addicts from the setting where they would be most likely to relapse can keep them focused on achieving a successful detox.

Do The Benefits Of Medical Detox Extend To Other Methods Of Medical Detox For Heroin Addiction?

Other methods of medical detox often include evidence-based recovery practices such as peer group therapy. Addicts who engage in peer group therapy have been shown to be more successful with their detox and recovery efforts. With group therapy, addicts gain the ability to tailor their recovery to their needs.

Additional evidence-based recovery methods often include behavioral therapy programs. With behavioral therapy, addicts can work to identify the harmful triggers that may cause them to relapse. Once that is done, healthy habits can be built to help them solidify their freedom from addiction.

What Is The First Step For People Looking To Medically Detox From Heroin?

Ultimately, the first step for achieving a successful detox and treatment for heroin addiction is likely going to be to reach out to a professional treatment facility that is . At Northlake Recovery, can help you solidify your freedom from addiction, even if you live in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida or anywhere if you have health insurance. Give us a call today at (561)-770-6616 to take your first step toward a healthier lifestyle.

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