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There is an epidemic all over the country right now. Cities across the nation are struggling to help addicts because of a failure to provide proper resources, funding, and treatment or aftercare. That is why most successful stories of over-coming addiction happen out of state.

Drug rehab centers in places like New Jersey know the hardship of turning away people who need and want help. The heroin death rate in New Jersey is three times the national average at 8.3 per 100,000. While that number is staggering, more so is the number of people who are seeking treatment. From 2010 to 2018, more than 184,038 people enrolled in substance abuse centers in New Jersey.

While encouraging that so many are seeking treatment, statistics show that many are not receiving adequate help. Its not just New Jersey, but many states across this great country are failing to be able to provide stable and reliable drug or alcohol treatment to those in need. 

Drug Rehab Centers in New Jersey Offer Short-Term Treatment Options

New Jersey offers many short-term treatment programs for substance abuse. Patients enroll for a 28-day program, either inpatient or out. These programs are state-funded and overcrowded. When patients need longer treatment, space is not available.

During 2018, around 65,553 people enrolled for substance abuse treatment in New Jersey. Only 18% of these admissions were in a residential program. Out of these admissions, 19,112 people had sought treatment before for substance abuse.

The numbers make the case for New Jersey. Short-term (28-day), non-residential programs are not solving the substance abuse problem in New Jersey. So why aren’t more patients admitted to residential or partial hospitalization programs?


Drug Rehab Centers in New Jersey Lack Space

Again, the numbers tell the story of lack in New Jersey. More people die from heroin than the individual counties have space to treat. There are not enough treatment resources to help the growing number of addicts in the Garden State.

Cape May County does not have treatment beds for substance abuse. Yet the county sees 16.6 heroin deaths per 100,000 people. Not far behind is Camden County which sees 18.1 heroin deaths per 100,000. This county has 4.7 treatment beds per 100,000. But it’s not enough.

Drug Rehab Centers in New Jersey Need Solutions

There are 128,000 active heroin users in New Jersey and an inadequate number of treatment facilities. New Jersey needs a solution for its addicted population. While more funding is the obvious answer, it can take years to increase budgets. Years that many addicts do not have.

But there is another way.

Drug Rehab Centers Outside of Your Comfort Zone of Addiction

Southern Florida is a short trip by flight or bus. The climate is wonderful, especially during those winter months when New Jersey is covered in snow. Warm weather helps ache bodies recover during detox, making Florida a great choice all year.

Aside from the weather, Southern Florida offers a great recovery community with plenty of space available for those seeking help.

Northlake Recovery Proven Effective

Northlake Recovery accepts out-of-state patients from cities where addiction has become too exhausting for resources in places like New Jersey, New York, California, Tennessee, the list goes on. We work with you to create a treatment plan that is affordable and custom fit to your personalized needs. For those with insurance, we verify benefits for you, and get you placed into a proven successful treatment program that works if you are ready. 

Relocating for recovery is a powerful tool in fighting addiction. Call Northlake Recovery at (561)-770-6616 to schedule your treatment today.

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