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Medical Detox for Opiate Addiction Is Important

When people use opiates, there is a very high probability for addiction to develop. These substances bind to the opioid receptors in the brain and increase dopamine development. These effects are often immediate and can drastically alter the reward centers of the brain.

Many people struggling with opiate abuse often develop both a physical and mental addiction to these substances. This makes detoxing from opiates particularly difficult. Many habitual opiate users find success when seeking a medical detox for opiate addiction with the Northlake Recovery’s program. 

What Are The Benefits Of Medical Detox For Opiate Addiction?

One of the most common substances used in medical detox for opiate addiction is methadone. Methadone allows for the physical addiction addicts suffer from to be satiated and makes detoxing easier. Because methadone acts more as a pain reliever than a narcotic, it’s much easier to gradually decrease the dosage taken.

Being able to gradually decrease dosage while detoxing is just one of the many benefits of medical detox for opiates. Other benefits include allowing addicts to detox in a safe environment. Having medical professionals around while detoxing can often mean the difference between successful detox or immediate relapse.

Do The Benefits Of Medical Detox Extend To Therapeutic Medical Detox For Opiate Addiction As Well?

The benefits of medical detox for opiates also extend to purely therapeutic detox and treatment methods. Evidence-based recovery, such as peer group therapy, has been shown to keep struggling addicts consistent with pursuing treatment. Many times, relying on the schedule that peer group therapy creates makes it easier to stick with treatment.

Other evidence-based recovery methods for therapeutic medical detox include behavioral therapy. Many forms of behavioral therapy work to challenge and change the negative habits that addicts develop. Part of this often includes learning how to identify the triggers which may cause them to relapse.

Is It Necessary To Fully Detox Before Treatment Can Begin?

The nature of opiate withdrawal often means that treatment should begin as soon as possible. For some, this means that fully detoxing will be part of their treatment. When this is the case, receiving medical detox rather than attempting to detox at home can help to ensure that treatment is successful.

For many addicts struggling with opiate addiction, receiving treatment at a professional treatment center may be what it takes to get back to a healthy lifestyle. At Northlake Recovery, we can help you receive the treatment you need to gain freedom from addiction. Give us a call today at (561)-770-6616 to see if we can accept your health insurance policy.

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