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Trauma effects 223.4 million people during their lives. This is 70% of all adults in America. 20% of those effected develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 24.4 million people are suffering with the effects of PTSD at any point. That struggle often leads to self-medicating the pain. That is why drug rehab facilities in Florida offer trauma therapy along with addiction recovery.

What is Trauma?

Trauma is any event that causes physical or emotional stress. Trauma is physical and often terrible events. While true, it excludes traumatic events that are neither. Parents getting divorced can be scary to young children, just as a loved one dying is traumatic.



Symptoms of Trauma

Some symptoms of trauma are like the symptoms of addiction. But if the addiction is treated without focusing on the trauma, relapse may follow. When the recovering addict still experiences any symptoms during or after treatment, trauma therapy should be engaged.


Northlake Recovery Offers Trauma Therapy

While peer group therapy and individual therapy are key to addiction recovery, those who also suffer from trauma need further support. Northlake Recovery offers several trauma therapies.

Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT): This therapy helps patients recognize the way trauma changes perception of the world. By understanding the change in perception, patients can change their responses.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR): Helps patients resolve disturbing memories through eye movements.

Impact of Trauma, Trauma Bonding, Trauma Responses: This therapy helps patients understand how PTSD affects daily living. Patients are given means to reduce the effects of PTSD.

Rapid Reduction Technique (RRT): Helps to move significant trauma, removes emotional intensity, and removes nightmares. Moves the traumatic event into long-term memory instead of being ever present in mind.


Trauma Therapy for First Responders

Northlake Recovery offers a drug rehab facility in Florida for first responders. Our partial hospitalization program (PHP) is only for those who respond to critical circumstances; firefighters, police officers, correctional officers, dispatchers, and EMT’s.

It is impossible for civilians to understand the stress and trauma these people experience daily. That is why the Northlake Recovery is staffed by former and current first responders. They understand the seriousness of trauma experienced because they experience it too.

Reduce the Effects of Trauma at Northlake Recovery

Whether you are a first responder or civilian, Northlake Recovery’s staff is ready to help you recover from trauma and addiction. Call Northlake Recovery at (561)-770-6616. Calls are confidential.

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