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Florida is a hot-bed of recovery communities and services. Programs exist for every economic level in the sunshine state; from state-funded rehab to private luxury programs. Many recovering addicts cannot afford luxury treatment as they are struggling to provide for daily living. Not to worry, the sunshine state offers three types of free rehab. Here at Northlake Recovery, we genuinely want the best for people looking to get proper rehabilitation. That is why we have organized some very important information for those looking to get sober, but do not have the insurance or funding available for private treatment.  

State-Funded Rehab

State-funded rehab centers receive grants from the state of Florida or the federal government. These treatment centers give services to court mandated clients and a handful of people who qualify for financial help. As with most state-sponsored programs, potential clients may need to wait months before receiving treatment.

Interested in a state-funded rehab center? Call the helpline at (561)-770-6616. Addiction recovery specialists can help you locate the best rehab for your condition. If interested, they can talk with you about affordable private services to reduce waiting for help.

Vocational Rehab

While vocational rehab does not require paying out of pocket for services, it entails paying for services by working for the organization. As a client of vocational rehab, part of your days will be spent working. The rest of your day then goes to treatment.

The State of Florida offers vocation rehab through the Department of Education.

Click here to visit their website.

Other programs can be Christian-based and may require religious observation while part of the program. Two of these programs offering free vocational rehab are the Salvation Army and Teen Challenge.

These programs accept donations to help finance recovery programs.

Donation Based Rehab

Other rehab centers rely solely on donations to offer free care to those in need. These donations come from individuals and corporations. To receive care at one of these facilities you will need to show financial need.

The Florida House Foundation requests donations on their website and offers comprehensive addiction recovery services. What sets them apart is they offer detox services including medical detox. Most free rehab services exclude medically assisted detox if they offer detox at all.

Problems with State-Funded Rehab and Other Free Programs

State-funded rehab centers struggle to meet the needs of the people they serve.

  • While free services may offer the help for addiction recovery, often those services come too late. From 2001 to 2014 there was a 2.8-fold increase in prescription drugs overdoses resulting in death. How many of these deaths could have been prevented through faster treatment?
  • These services need detailed documentation of financial need. Many of the clients cannot give such documents.
  • Up-to-date evidenced-based treatments may not be offered as these programs do not have the funding required to upgrade treatment practices.
  • Treatment programs may not be long enough to be effective. State-funded rehab centers usually offer 28 day programs which do not address the root of addiction.

Alternatives to State-Funded Rehab and Other Free Programs in Florida

Many private rehab centers offer quality care at an affordable price. Northlake Recovery in Southern Florida offers payment plans, loan funding, and free insurance verification to help you get treatment now. If our payment plans do not meet your needs, we will help you find one that does. Call (561)-770-6616 right now.


  • Misty Coker says:

    I live in Texas was interested with involving myself to a far away from home rehab,I would like to see if there was a opening spot for me to start my NEW LIFE to RECOVERY!

    • Admin says:

      Hey Misty. If you are interested in our program feel free to message us here on our chat, email, or call us anytime! admissions@Northlake

  • Because there are so many types of rehab programs, it can be most difficult to choose one. Each program has its own philosophy, treatment components, credentials, and costs. When you are choosing a program, you should ask certain questions to make sure you’re finding the right treatment center.

  • Marc Tilly says:

    I’m an RN in recovery and am required by IPN to have weekly sessions with a therapist of at least masters level. However, I’m unable to pay for all of the expensive requirements they already demand. Any ideas?

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