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The Sunshine State is a never-ending market of recovery groups and companies. Systems are present for each economic level in the sunshine state; from state-funded rehab to exclusive luxury programs. Many recovering addicts cannot pay for luxury treatment as they are straining to sustain daily living. Not to worry, the sunshine state provides three kinds of free rehabilitation.


State-Funded Rehabilitation


State-funded rehab centers obtain grants from the state of Florida or the federal government. These treatment centers provide solutions to court mandated clients and a small number of individuals who get approved for financial help. Like most state-sponsored systems, prospective clients may need to wait months before obtaining help.


Interested in a state-funded rehabilitation program? Contact the Northlake Recovery Addiction Hotline at (561)-770-6616. Addiction recovery experts can help you find the most effective rehabilitation for your issue. If interested, they can discuss inexpensive individual services to minimize waiting for assistance.


Vocational Rehabilitation


Although vocational rehab does not call for paying out of pocket for programs, it involves paying for solutions by working for the company. As a client of vocational rehab, an aspect of your days will be devoted to working. The remainder of your day then goes to therapy.


The State of Florida offers vocation rehab through the Department of Education.


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Other programs could be Christian-based and may call for religious observation while involved in the program. Two of these plans offering complimentary vocational rehab are the Salvation Army and Teen Challenge.


These programs take donations to help finance recovery solutions.


Donation Founded Rehabilitation


Other rehab facilities rely entirely on donations to provide complimentary care to those who need assistance. These donations originate from individuals and companies. To obtain care at one of these centers you will have to show economic requirement.


The Florida House Foundation asks for donations on their website and provides extensive addiction recovery solutions. What sets them apart from others is they provide detox solutions including medical detox. Most cost-free rehab services omit medically assisted detox if they offer detox whatsoever.


Issues with State-Funded Rehabilitation and Other Cost-free Programs


State-funded rehab centers battle to meet the needs of the people they cater to.


While cost-free solutions may offer the assistance for addiction recovery, often those programs come far too late. From 2001 to 2016 there was a 2.8-fold rise in prescription drugs overdoses leading to fatality. How many of these deaths could have been avoided through quicker treatment solutions?

These programs need comprehensive proof of financial need. A lot of the clients cannot give such records.


Current evidenced-based therapies may not be provided as these programs do not have the financing needed to improve treatment methods.

Treatment solutions may not be long enough to be reliable. State-funded rehab centers typically offer 28-day courses which do not address the origin of addiction.


Substitutions for State-Funded Rehabilitation and Other Cost-free Programs in Florida


Many exclusive rehab centers provide premium care at an affordable cost. Northlake Recovery in Southern Florida provides free insurance verification to help you obtain treatment right away. Call (561)-770-6616 to speak with someone about your available options. You are not alone.

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