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In a time when 91 people die per day from overdoses, it’s painful to see sober living homes closing in affected areas. But that is exactly what is happening across America.

Sober Living Homes Closing Due to Mismanagement

Unfortunately, many sober living home operators engaged in illegal activities to entice people suffering with addictions to choose their home over other more qualified accommodations. Often people were bribed with gifts and opportunity to continue using drugs if they changed residencies.

Some of the shadier home operators have been convicted of forcing residents into prostitution and other illegal activities. Reports of residents dying of overdoses in unregistered homes surfaced in areas where addiction recovery centers are abundant.

Southern Florida has seen many such cases recently. So many that the state formed the Sober Homes Task Force. This agency is aggressively shutting down sober living homes engaging in illegal activities. But illegal activities are not the only reason sober homes are closing across America.

Sober Living Homes Closing Due to Town and City Zoning Rules

Many towns and cities across America have rules prohibiting treatment centers and sober living homes to be located within residential communities. Some rules are new while others have been on the books for many years. Sober living homes already located in residential areas with these rules are being forced to close and move to new locations.

One area being hit the hardest by these rules is Costa Mesa in Orange County, California. One company is being forced to close 33 sober living homes and recovery centers. Fifteen closed and the others will close over the next 12 months to 3 years. Other operators are concerned more sober homes will be forced to shut down as well, removing much need support for recovering addicts.

Other Sober Living Homes Blocked Due to Zoning

While many sober living homes are being closed, others are being blocked from starting due to zoning. Communities are scared to have people struggling with addictions too close to families and children. Tilton, New Hampshire residents are trying to block the local sports complex from starting a 16-bed recovery center for adults. They are concerned with newly sober residents being too close to the children who play at the sports complex.

The advocates for the recovery center feel security will be strong enough to prevent mishap.

Communities Searching for Solutions to the Need for More Sober Living Homes

As more and more sober living homes are closing, other community members are working to offer much needed support to those in need of recovery. One New Hampshire family is raising funds to open a new sober home in memory of their son who died of an overdose after completing several 30-day rehab programs. They believe he would have survived if a proper sober living home had been available to their son.

Are You Looking for a Safe Sober Living Home?

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