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Many people prescribed medication for pain management believe narcotics are not dangerous. If a doctor is giving the drug, it must not be harmful. But this mindset is wrong. Prescription drugs are abused just like illegal drugs and must be used with caution. Young adults and teens prescribed painkillers need monitoring to prevent abuse and addiction. Here we will discuss signs and symptoms of Roxicodone addiction as it’s a commonly prescribed narcotic for pain relief.

What is Roxicodone?

Roxicodone is a semi-synthetic opioid analgesic and a Schedule II narcotic. Designation as a Schedule II drug means it has a high potential for abuse. Prescriptions for these drugs are restricted so patients are given only the amount needed to relieve pain. Refills are not given without seeing the prescribing doctor for a follow-up appointment.

Why is Roxicodone More Addictive than OxyContin?

Roxicodone relieves moderate-to-severe pain, and it quickly affects the central nervous system. It is an immediate-release tablet containing oxycodone, the same ingredient OxyContin has. But OxyContin is manufactured to give lasting relief, not an immediate rush of relief. It is this rush that makes Roxicodone use dangerous as it can lead to addiction.

Signs of Roxicodone Addiction

Roxicodone use is helpful when taken as directed and for a short time. But some people will abuse the drug, taking more than recommended or more often than recommended to reduce pain. For others, the euphoric feeling of being high and numb to emotions is more desirable than sober life even after the physical pain subsides.

These people will show signs of Roxicodone addiction such as seeing multiple doctors for the same problem. They will frequently visit the emergency room of the local hospital to get another prescription. They may even travel to other hospitals.

If they cannot get another prescription, they may forge one or steal the drug from others. If desperate, they may even break into a pharmacy to steal the drug.

It may be hard to catch the person doing these things. But one can usually spot other symptoms of Roxicodone addiction.

Symptoms of Roxicodone Addiction

Not everyone will show the same symptoms of addiction. The amount of a drug taken, the frequency, and the tolerance built to the drug will show differently for each person. Look for the following symptoms if you suspect someone you love is abusing Roxicodone.

He or she may become moody, depressed, or anxious. Irritability and anger are common as is over-confidence or euphoria. With increased use or excessive use, one may become delusional, confused, suffer from brain fog or hallucinations.

Roxicodone Addiction and Its Impact on Life

Roxicodone addiction impacts every aspect of life, from withdrawal symptoms to social responsibilities. Many who suffer from addiction lose jobs, friends, and family. Often, they get in trouble with the law, losing their driver’s license, or end up in jail. Many become homeless. The worst case scenario, they overdose and die. But this does not have to be the end of the story for your loved one.

Get Help for Roxicodone Addiction

If you or someone you love suffers from Roxicodone addiction, call Northlake Recovery at (561)-770-6616. Addiction specialists will help you get treatment. If your loved one has not gotten treatment, we can help intervene. Call today.

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