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Many doctors treat pain with powerful medications. Oxycodone is one such medication that can cause physical dependence within a few days of consecutive use. Oxycodone is addictive even when one is not using it to get high. Getting off Oxycodone safely requires following doctor’s orders.

Is Quitting Cold-Turkey Safe?

Asking if getting off Oxycodone cold-turkey is safe is not as easy as yes or no. There are many factors involved whether one should quit all at once or tapper doses.

If you have been taking Oxycodone occasionally as prescribed for pain and have not developed dependence to the drug, then stopping cold-turkey should not be a problem. The body should not experience major shock when the drug is no longer available.

But if you have been taking regular doses for several days or weeks, getting off Oxycodone is not that easy. Regular use of the drug will cause physical dependence. You should not stop cold-turkey as this may cause symptoms of withdrawal.

Getting Off Oxycodone and Withdrawal

If you stop taking Oxycodone after regular use your body will go through withdrawal. This happens because the drug alters the functioning of the brain. Without the drug the brain no longer feels normal. Oxycodone suppresses the release of noradrenaline which make a person drowsy. Over time, the body adjusts to the lower levels of noradrenaline by increasing neural activity. When Oxycodone is no longer present in the body, the person becomes anxious and jittery because of the increased neural activity. This is often accompanied by muscle cramps, diarrhea, and other withdrawal symptoms.

Getting Off Oxycodone When Dependent

Do not stop taking Oxycodone cold-turkey when physically dependent on the drug. Serious withdrawal symptoms may occur and can be life threatening. Instead, seek a medical detox center where you can be monitored during withdrawal. Staff will help you withdrawal cold-turkey or with medically assisted tapering of the drug.

Best Way for Getting Off Oxycodone

Always seek medical supervision when you choose to stop using medication. Speak with the prescribing doctor and get his advice for getting off Oxycodone. If you cannot reach your doctor, visit a medical clinic or hospital for emergencies. A medical detox center is a great way to detox from Oxycodone while under the watchful eye of doctors who help people detox.

The best way to get off Oxycodone is to taper the prescription slowly so your body adjusts to the changes. Most doctors recommend reducing the dosage by 10-25% per week until you no longer need the prescription. Your doctor can tell you the right dosages and frequency to taper your prescription. He may also prescribe other medications to help with withdrawal symptoms such as irritability and sleep disturbances.

If you experience any severe symptoms while detoxing, go to an emergency room. After you are stable, your doctor may recommend a detox center so you can be monitored for further severe withdrawal symptoms.

After You Get Off Oxycodone

Sometimes physical dependence to a drug can lead to addiction. If you are having a hard time getting off Oxycodone and need help, call (561)-770-6616. Northlake Recovery in Southern Florida can help you get off Oxycodone for good.


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