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Transforming unhealthy habits, detoxing hazardous chemicals, and evolving environments deliver new challenges to an individual fighting with addictive behaviors. Deciding to recover from substance abuse can be a nerve-racking time. Rather than worry what to bring to rehab, use this convenient guide to make packing anxiety free. We also have an easy-to-access link with a list of items and information you will need while on the road to recovery.


Clothing: What to Pack?


Northlake Recovery allows two weeks of clothing (Depending on your stay). We recommend light layers of informal clothing. Active wear, jeans, and casual slacks are preferred because they enable plenty of movement. Take into consideration sports shirts and t-shirts that are appropriate.


We urge you to pack swimwear and sportswear for leisure activities only. Be thoughtful of others and dress modestly as we accommodate men, women, and young adults.


Closed toe shoes are ideal to safeguard your feet.


Clothing must not portray offensive language or pictures. Unquestionably nothing pertaining to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, or violence on site. Therapists reserve the right to get rid of any clothing considered unsuitable by support staff.


Other Belongings: What to Pack?


Together with clothing, all items are examined upon landing at Northlake Recovery. You have transformed your life. We want to support you by helping you make healthy decisions during your time in recovery.


You can bring appropriate reading content. Clinical staff will evaluate all materials to make sure it will not activate cravings for the substance of abuse.


  • You must bring your insurance card if you have coverage.
  • You must bring id including a driver’s license or passport.
  • If you are a cigarette smoker, you may bring your own, which include one carton of cigarettes.


Restricted Items: What Not to Pack?


Healthy options are crucial during recovery. The personnel at Northlake Recovery will verify you have not brought any of the following things as they can result in relapse.


  • Aerosol items.
  • Alcohol based items consisting of aftershave, mouthwash, perfume and scented products, or printer toner.
  • Costly jewelry.
  • Unlawful substances or mood-altering drugs (over-the-counter or otherwise).
  • Improper clothing.
  • Dietary supplements, herbs and vitamins. Part of holistic therapy will consist of evaluation of nutritional requirements.
  • Non-prescription drugs. Should the demand develop for aspirin or other medications, the registered nurse on staff will assist you.
  • Sharp items; crochet hooks, knitting needles, metal hairpieces, pocketknives, razor blades, and straight razors are all restricted.
  • Weaponry of any kind.


If you remain in doubt if you should bring a specific thing, leave it in your home. If you bring a forbidden item accidentally, the individual who took you to rehab may take the item back. The item may be kept for you if you showed up by yourself. This is case-by-case. It is far better to leave anything at home if you are uncertain than to gamble at losing the item.


Other Factors to Consider: What to Pack?


Think about bringing other things to rehab that will aid your recovery. A checklist of names, telephone numbers, and email addresses of individuals you want included in your recovery is often ignored but essential. Think about involving family members, close friends, and healthcare providers.


Northlake Recovery gives you access to websites with recovery materials and journaling programs so you won’t need to bring a separate journal unless you prefer it. But pack stationary, envelopes, and stamps to write those people who do not have email.


Last, if you consume prescription medication you need to bring them in their original wrapping with pharmacy stickers. Any liquid medication must be unopened. Additionally, carry a list of all medications, dosages, and prescribing physician’s contact details.


Concerns on What to Pack?


If you still have concerns about what to pack while in rehab, call Northlake Recovery at (561)-770-6616. An addiction expert will help you decide if the item in question is allowed.