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Substance abuse affects people from all walks of life. There is not one reason that people abuse drugs and alcohol. Each person afflicted with substance abuse has a unique story; the reason they turned to substances to numb the pain or to feel again. It is the unique story of each person that is treated to regain sobriety. That is why private rehab centers offer personalized programs.

What to Expect from Private Rehab Centers?

Many experts agree that recovery must be personal. Individuals learn in different ways. Some are visual learners while others are tactile, they need to learn by doing things with their hands. Learning about the cause of one’s addiction is the same. Some will do great by sitting in a group with others like themselves, talking about addiction. Others will learn better by creating artwork or music around their patterns of substance abuse.

A personalized program looks at each person’s learning style and creates a plan of recovery that includes those activities that will help the person the most. Private rehab centers can offer therapy in different learning styles because they are not restricted to one style like many government funded clinics.

Creating a Personalized Program at Private Rehab Centers

When a person struggling with addictive behaviors chooses a private rehab center, he or she will undergo an evaluation by his or her primary counselor. The counselor may ask him or her to complete screening tests to understand how addiction took hold of the person’s life. They will talk about family history, substance abuse history, history of mental illness, and any traumatic events during his or her lifetime.

Once the primary counselor understands the person’s history, treatment is coordinated between service providers. Someone who receives treatment for substance abuse may also see a psychiatrist to help deal with depression or other mental disorders. Plus, he or she will see other therapists depending on the personalized treatment plan discussed with the primary counselor. All service providers will report to the primary counselor on the person’s progress and any more needs during treatment.

Therapies Offered at Private Rehab Centers

Individual therapy is the cornerstone of substance abuse treatment. One must have the time and audience to open about events in his or her life that triggered the addiction. Along with individual therapy, one may take part in peer group therapy and various other treatments.

Private Rehab Centers Offer More Treatments

Private rehab centers offer more treatments than the therapies already mentioned. A person engaging in addictive behaviors may use drugs and alcohol to mask pain. If that is the underlying cause of addiction, private rehab centers will include a pain management program. That program may include exercise, yoga, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and may include a change in diet.

It cannot be stressed enough that each person who suffers from addiction has an underlying cause. That cause is unique to each person and must have treatment per that person’s needs and learning style. Quality private rehab centers will focus on the individual and cater to his or her needs.

Looking for A Personalized Program?

If you are looking for a personalized program and want help to choose one of the quality private rehab centers, contact Northlake Recovery at (561)-770-6616. Addiction Specialists will answer your questions and help you find the best therapies for your needs. Call today.

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