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The United States has witnessed a 200% surge in overdose related deaths involving opioids since 2000. Over half a million people died from drug overdoses between 2000-2018. Opioid overdose causes 78 Americans to die every day. Many doctors have shifted towards Methadone detox to combat opioid addiction and overdose.

Methadone for Heroin and Oxycontin Detox

Methadone is a slow-acting pain killer used to treat Heroin and Oxycontin (legal Heroin) addictions. It suppresses withdrawal symptoms in Heroin users without forming the high associated with narcotics.

Benefits of Methadone Assisted Detox

Methadone has not really been proven to be helpful in preventing withdrawal symptoms long term. While a legal alternative to Heroin, it must be taken as prescribed to avoid side effects and addiction. There are very little benefits to methadone long term. Detoxing with another drug just transfers addiction, it does nothing to help with addiction. 

Methadone is an acceptable substitute to street drugs. It helps the user work, holding a job and spending time with family. But if you do not have a proper plan to help you completely detox from it, the side effects could be dangerous. 

Since it’s a prescription drug, needles are no longer used reducing the odds of Hepatitis C and other diseases.

Methadone can be covered by insurance, ending the out-of-pocket expenses for street drugs. But this still creates problems. In most cases if a facility is offering methadone as an alternative, then they aren’t really interested in helping with your addiction. Its an easy non-solution to a much greater problem. 

Difficulties of Methadone Assisted Detox

Methadone is handed out in a clinic. It cannot be purchased in volume at pharmacies because of its potential for misuse. Commutes to a clinic to wait in line for a daily dose can be problematic. If a patient misses one dose, he will at once start withdrawal. This creates great stress for those reliant on Methadone.

Dosage for Methadone Assisted Detox

While Methadone is intended for small doses up to 60 milligrams, more patients are receiving high doses. Clinics are giving doses of 150 milligrams to 300 milligrams per day to patients who have developed tolerance to the drug.

Higher doses mean more hardship for those who hope to be drug free. Tapering or stopping use “cold-turkey” is faced with withdrawal symptoms that are painful. So painful that many addicts return to the high doses of Methadone rather than complete detox. For those who can no longer manage the Methadone treatment, they yield to street drugs.

Dangers of Methadone Assisted Heroin Detox

Methadone is claimed to be the safe alternative to Heroin and Oxycontin. But Methadone is more addictive than either drug. It is harder to detox from Methadone that’s why many who start treatment stay Methadone users for life.

It is not an effective solution to drug abuse as those who cannot afford the drug long-term will return to street drugs. Cost of the drug and the difficulty of daily visits to a clinic to get the drug make it tough to continue treatment.

Because Methadone suppresses withdrawal by masking the high feeling, many addicts seek that high through other means. Using alcohol and mixing other drugs with Methadone is dangerous and can be lethal. In Florida, Methadone deaths double in four years, from 367 deaths in 2003 to 785 over deaths by 2018.

Detox from Methadone

For those seeking to detox from Methadone, the journey is difficult. Many detox centers will not accept patients who use more than 80 milligrams a day. Those who use high doses will need to work with a physician to taper to this dosage before entering detox. It can take ten months to taper from 100 milligrams. Larger doses can take a year to 18 months.

The symptoms of withdrawal may be too great or the time to taper off too long. In those cases, medical detox in a special detox center is available. Methadone Detox in one of these centers last 10-14 days. These centers do not discuss the underlying cause of addiction. They help the patient become drug free so he can enter an addiction treatment program and address the underlying cause of addiction.

Northlake Recovery does not support the use of methadone for detox or any other alternative to addiction. Our services are only geared toward truly helping you create a life plan to steer clear of the onslaught of drugs and alcohol addiction. Please do your research, and think carefully before you go into a rehabilitation facility with the promises of methadone treatment.

If you are truly read to be drug free, then methadone shouldn’t even be a concern. Northlake Recovery can help.

Northlake Recovery for Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one has a problem with drugs or alcohol or has recently detoxed from Methadone and are ready to discuss the issues behind the addiction, contact Northlake Recovery at (561)-770-6616.

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