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Substance abuse among teens will constantly be a problem. As a parent or guardian, how can you not be worried about dangerous behaviors and the repercussions of those behaviors? The bright side is the 2016 Monitoring the Future Survey results show most drug use decreasing among teens, except for marijuana use which continues to be stable. For those parents observing the signs of substance abuse, questions must be brought up about mail order drugs. This overview will help address the concern, is your child purchasing drugs online?

Before addressing the hints of ordering drugs online, let’s check out the signs of substance abuse among teens.

Five Clues Your Child May Use Drugs

Regardless if your child is an introvert or extrovert, a lot of signs exist that show drug abuse and will appear in either personality.

Modification in character and desire for privacy. Teens who are taking part in risky behaviors will unexpectedly demand privacy and become unapproachable from their family. Your teen may become agitated if you enter the room and swiftly put things out of view. He or she may get defensive if you ask questions, particularly when questioning what they are concealing. Usually, your teen will start a scuffle with you over privacy rights rather than respond to the question.

Cash, belongings, and drugs missing from the house. If you are continuously losing money or finding prescriptions need refilled more frequently than normal, it may reveal your teen is using drugs.

Unusual behaviors throughout the day. If your teen is stammering around your home, eyes are red, or speech is slurred he or she may be high. Lots of teens will smell of smoke because they use cigarettes to cover up the smell of marijuana. If not smoke, they will smell like excessive perfume, incense, or air freshener.

Modification of friends, tasks, and grades. When teens get mixed up in substance abuse, they often switch clusters of friends. You may not even see the change as your teen doesn’t discuss much about personal life with you any longer. Everything has become secretive in the teen’s life. In addition to the shift in friends, his or her grades may go down. He or she may even discontinue sports or other functions that were significant before substance abuse started.

Mobile phone or internet activity rises. Teens don’t use cell phones just to talk to their buddies. Cell phones and internet connections are also utilized to purchase drugs. If your teen doesn’t want you around when he or she is on the internet or on the cell, you should be worried.

These are just a couple of practical signs of drug abuse among teens. If you wish to learn more about drug abuse, visit the National Institute on Drug Abuse website for parents. After learning more about the signs of substance abuse in teens, have a look at the following indicators of mail order drugs to know, is your child purchasing drugs online?

Is Your Son or daughter Using Mail Order Drugs?

Moms and dads have stressed over kids obtaining drugs on the streets for years. Today, parents have a fresh concern. With extensive use of the internet has come a brand-new kind of dope dealer and underground market. It is the TOR, a software that encrypts all internet use keeping it untraceable. The software has enabled an almost untraceable industry where anybody can buy unauthorized and prescription drugs and have them delivered right to the front door. No prescription or signature needed. Your teenager doesn’t even need your debit card to buy. All he or she has to do is buy Bitcoins, and the portal is open.

How do you recognize if your teen is taking advantage of the TOR to purchase mail order substances?

  • The most effective technique is to delicately ask your teen if he or she knows what the TOR is and how to use the software. If your teen is guarded or defensive about the TOR, there may be a problem to be resolved.
  • One more indication of mail order substance abuse is continuously requesting or inspecting the mail. One mother became doubtful when her 14-year-old son kept looking for the mail, an abnormal task for him. When his shipment showed up, she inspected it. What she discovered was a CD case holding ecstasy. She took her son and the drugs to the authorities. He confessed to ordering drugs online from the Dark Net (TOR).

If you are worried your teen may use mail order drugs, there are a few things you should do now.

Ways to Cease Mail Order Substance Abuse

  • Although you cannot view every online or cell phone communication your teen makes, here are a few tips that can help cease prospective mail order drug use.
  • Inspect your teen’s personal computer browser history. If something is questionable, select the link and see what your teen is reviewing. If the browser history is erased, then something is being concealed from you. You should consider banning laptop use for some time or request your teen to use the computer in the family room, not by themselves.
  • Check your teen’s mobile phone history too; phone calls, text messages, and internet connection. If anything seems unusual, find out more. Google unfamiliar or slang phrases.
  • Check all shipments for your teen. Have a guideline that all packages must be opened in front of an adult, regardless of whether it resembles an Amazon package.
  • Set up filtering software on the computer and mobile phone. Many systems will obstruct URL’s and give a history of practices to your email, so you don’t need your child’s hardware to inspect usage.
  • Examine your child’s bank statements and ask questions about abnormal charges.

Speak with your teen! This is one of the most crucial means to halt mail order substance abuse and any dangerous habits. Speak freely about the dangers involved and reveal your guideline about drug use.

Also, tell your teen any repercussions he or she will deal with if using drugs. Tell your teen you have an open-door policy for discussing anything, but rules still need to be complied with.

What happens if Your Teen Is Using Drugs?

Get assistance if you discover proof of mail order substance abuse. Consult with your teen calmly and with empathy to find out how often your teen is using and how much. If your teen is not using frequently or only insignificant amounts, outpatient therapy may be enough to help him or her get sober. Other elements such as anxiety, nervousness, or other mental health conditions may suggest partial hospitalization or residential treatment is required.

Treatment You Can Trust.

If you cannot openly communicate with your teen for any reason, call Northlake Recovery to speak with an intervention expert. He or she will help you face your teen and determine the most effective treatment for your teen’s conditions.

Don’t let your teen’s mail order substance abuse ruin his or her life. Get assistance today by contacting Northlake Recovery at (561)-770-6616.

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