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It all started with a trip to my doctor for some back pain after an injury skateboarding. What I thought was going to be a normal process to recovery, turned into a 3 year addiction. Spiraling out of control, I knew that I had to change something fast. But it was just too easy to keep visiting the doctor to get my refill. How is this even legal I would ask myself as I went back, month after month. Then it started to not be enough. That’s when Oxy’s came into play. Not just from the doctor, but from the street too. I started to do some research, and this is what I found. It really helped me understand my addiction, and eventually I was ready for help.

Information About OxyContin Addiction

OxyContin addiction is a pervasive problem for many individuals. OxyContin is actually a prescription drug that is beneficial in some medical cases and is still prescribed by doctors today. But the drug is potent and highly addictive. Some individuals improperly use their prescription of it and others illegally buy the drug to achieve a mind-altering state.

Because of its highly addictive quality, OxyContin becomes a problem for many individuals who use it on a regular basis, and this can lead to a full blown addiction to OxyContin.

The Symptoms of OxyContin Addiction

Addiction to OxyContin may happen quickly or over time. Some people become addicted when they are prescribed OxyContin for pain or discomfort. They start to use the drug too often and become dependent on it. Others use the drug illegally and improperly because they know it has mind-altering effects.

Either way, symptoms of any drug addiction include the following in most cases.

  • Using the drug in secret
  • Altered states of being and consciousness
  • A lack of interest in things you once enjoyed doing
  • Not showing up to school or work
  • Forgetting or neglecting to carry out obligations with friends or family or at work or school
  • Not taking physical care of yourself
  • Only being concerned with how you’re going to find your next fix

Finding Lasting Recovery From OxyContin Addiction

Being addicted to a drug like OxyContin may feel like you are stuck without a way to get out. To be sure, OxyContin addiction is a difficult disease to overcome. But you have to know that recovery is possible. It’s simply a matter of using your resources and knowing where to turn.

At Northlake Recovery we know the situation you’re in is not ideal. We know you want to find a way to start a new chapter without your OxyContin addiction holding you back. And we want to help.

With our evidence-based recovery programs like peer group therapy, we can offer you the assistance you need in your recovery. We can help you get back on your feet without having to worry about relapse. If you are ready to make this big change in your life and get sober, we’re here for you. Make the call to Northlake Recovery today at (561)-770-6616 to begin the journey to recovery. You won’t regret it!

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