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There are many myths around Ecstasy and what happens when one stops using the drug. Some people do not believe Ecstasy is addictive while others claim its highly addictive. Here we will answer the question, is Ecstasy addictive, and other MDMA questions too.

Is Ecstasy Addictive?

MDMA, known as Ecstasy in party circles, is not physically addictive. One will not experience severe withdrawal symptoms like a cocaine or heroin addict does. Just because a drug is not physically addictive does not mean that is not addictive at all. The drug is psychologically addictive.

Ecstasy releases all the serotonin in the brain at once, making a person elated. This happy feeling is a high called euphoria. Who doesn’t like feeling happy? The problem is that it takes weeks for serotonin to replenish in the brain once used. So, the person becomes depressed and anxious. Wanting to escape the depression, he or she will take more Ecstasy. Only he or she will need to double and triple the dose to get the same effects as the first dose. This is the beginning of psychological addiction.

Does Ecstasy Addiction Mean I Am Morally Weak?

Addiction has nothing to do with morals or willpower. Addiction is a disease that the person struggling with addictive behaviors cannot control. Just like a person suffering with diabetes cannot control if insulin is produced in the body, the person addicted to Ecstasy cannot control the compulsion to use the drug. The effects of the drug take over all logical thought.

Does MDMA Drug Treatment Work?

Along with the question, is Ecstasy addictive, many question if treatment will work to make the person struggling with addictive behaviors feel normal again. The answer is absolutely! Psychological and emotional counseling will help the person discover why they needed help to feel happy. Then they can learn new skills to cope with situations and people that may have caused anxiety and stress.

Along with those skills, they can learn how to have fun without using Ecstasy or other drugs. Each person in rehab discovers new activities and interests to focus on when the urge to use comes. Having a plan of action helps one to stay sober.

Why Bother with MDMA Treatment as it only Takes A few Weeks Anyways?

Along with asking, is Ecstasy addictive, many people believe it does not take much treatment to stop using the drug. So, they refuse treatment thinking one or two weeks of treatment is unnecessary. The truth is treatment for Ecstasy addiction can take a lifetime. Once a person learns why he or she used that person will need to stay aware of situations that lead to drug use for the rest of his or her life.

Peer support groups are helpful to remind one not to return to destructive behaviors. Although not required, many people continue attending peer support groups for the rest of their lives. Helping others new the problems of addictions helps remind one of why they stopped using. This is one of the best relapse prevention tools.

Help for Ecstasy Addiction

Now you know the answer to the question, is Ecstasy addictive, you can decide if you need help for Ecstasy abuse. If you need help, call Northlake Recovery at (561)-770-6616. We can answer any questions you may have about Ecstasy addiction and treatment options. Call now.

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