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The disease of addiction is never cured, but can be managed and put into remission with the proper methods of addiction treatment. When the treatment process has been completed, there is still one very important step remaining – an effective post-care program.

Why Is An Aftercare Program Important?

Addicts can face daunting odds on relapsing after going through the addiction treatment process. One of the main reasons they have difficulty staying clean has to do with the assumption that they are suddenly “cured’, which can put them in the mindset that nothing bad could possibly happen. In fact, an addict leaving rehab is like a baby who is first learning to walk. They need a rail to hang onto until their legs are feeling stronger. This is exactly why aftercare is so important. It is there to help the recovery process and provide support during the initial weeks and months of recovery.

What is An Aftercare Program?

While spending the requisite time in a treatment program, patients are learning the truth about addiction and acquiring the tools and life skills necessary to function normally without the need for substances. Evidence-based recovery techniques and peer group therapy used in top facilities like Northlake Recovery are a vital part of the teaching and learning process. They provide the core basis for recovery. However, everything is easier while in treatment because support is readily available and temptation is minimized. Aftercare is designed to help the recovery process and provide support when normal life resumes and the safety net of treatment has been pulled away. Through the use of 12-step programs, booster sessions and aftercare counseling sessions, patients get a reminder of who they are and receive the ongoing support they need when they have difficulty coping with life on life’s terms.

The Importance of Aftercare

Going through addiction and a subsequent treatment process is a life-changing event. The recovery process begins with treatment, but it never really ends. Statistically, the chances of relapse are greatly increased without something additional to help the recovery process through subsequent years. With the right kind of aftercare program in place, patients don’t have to face their demons alone. It is important to remember that recovering addicts who don’t remain diligent are subject to relapses because their disease is always there waiting for a chance to reappear.

If you or a loved one need a professional treatment facility that also emphasizes aftercare to help the recovery process, you should consider contacting Northlake Recovery. Located in South Florida, we have a professional clinical staff and a variety of effective rehabilitation programs that are tailored to help addicts begin the journey of recovery. Call us today at (561)-770-6616 to learn more and to speak with an admissions counselor. Don’t wait any longer – the help you need is closer than you think.

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