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In the United States, over 24 million people suffer with substance abuse every year. Yet only 2.6 million people receive treatment in an addiction recovery facility. There are many reasons people do not seek treatment but finances can play a significant role. The difficulty of verifying insurance coverage or lack of insurance delays and can stop a person from seeking help.

Northlake Recovery is combating these statistics by offering free insurance verification and private payment options to those seeking recovery.

Insurance Companies Are Committed to Helping Those Seeking Recovery

Blue Cross and Blues Shield Association handles insurance coverage for 105 million members. This translates into one-in-three Americans who are served by this company alone. This insurance company, like many others, offers coverage for addiction recovery treatment and is committed to combating the growing opioid epidemic. Yet many of those covered by insurance do not know addiction treatment may be a covered expense.

Marketplace Health Insurance Plans

Marketplace offers health insurance plans for those who struggle with finances. It is estimated that 10 million people will enroll for coverage through Marketplace by the end of 2019. This is significant because all Marketplace health plans must offer mental health and addiction treatment coverage.

Northlake Recovery Offers Free Insurance Verification

Northlake Recovery in Southern Florida offers free insurance verification. When a person seeking help calls or chats online, an Addiction Specialist will help decide the best possible treatment for the individual’s condition. This call is confidential, meaning privacy is respected.

Northlake Recovery then contacts the insurance carrier to confirm the benefits available. Often addiction recovery is covered 100%, meaning no out-of-pocket expenses. Northlake Recovery’s free insurance verification service helps cut the stress of finding recovery help.

How to Afford Treatment Without Insurance

Recovery is an investment into a family’s future but it should not destroy that family’s present financial life. There is hope for those struggling to get help without insurance. Northlake Recovery offers low private pay rates. Each client’s circumstance is assessed to offer the best quality care at the most affordable price.

Other Financing Options for Addiction Recovery

Aside from insurance and payment options, there are other programs to help defray costs. Employers sometimes offer aid to their employees. Check with human resources for available options.

Also, government-funded programs may offer financial help. Miami-Dade County in Southern Florida offers resources for funding addiction recovery services.

Call Now for Free Insurance Verification through Northlake Recovery

Don’t let the activity of insurance verification or finding funding deter you from seeking help. You have enough to be concerned for without wading through the procedure of phone calls, verification, and paperwork. Let Northlake Recovery do the hard work of verifying insurance coverage for you.

Even if you don’t have insurance, Northlake Recovery can help you find the right treatment at an affordable price. Call Northlake Recovery now at (561)-770-6616. An Addiction Specialist is waiting to help you.

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