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Many people seeking recovery from substance abuse have a hard time sitting still. Physical discomfort and a racing mind makes it hard to focus on a group conversation about addiction. Northlake Recovery understands a time for talking and a time for doing. Experiential therapy activities give an outlet for physical activity which helps in the recovery process.

What are Experiential Therapy Activities?

Experiential therapy activities are programs that use movement or physical engagement. This can be highly involved activities such as wilderness therapy or equine therapy or low level activities like role playing or art therapy.

Why Offer Experiential Therapy Activities?

These activities allow clients to engage outside the meeting room and have some fun. They get to learn a new skill or develop an old skill while stretching their body and imagination. Counselors appreciate the insights experiential therapy activities offer on their clients. Most activities involve expressing emotions, conscious or not. Counselors will see characteristics and behaviors that may not surface in a meeting.

These behaviors offer insight into why substance abuse became an issue. By bringing these behaviors to the surface, each client can work through the issue and heal. Often untreated trauma will surface and be diffused allowing for complete recovery from the desire to abuse substances.

Other Benefits of Experiential Therapy Activities

Experiential therapy activities offer an opportunity to find and change behaviors. This gives each person a chance to make positive changes, experience success, and build self-esteem. Best of all, these activities may offer a new activity to fill moments of temptation instead of abusing substance.

Experiential Therapy Activities Offered at Northlake Recovery

Northlake Recovery in Florida offers a variety of experiential therapy activities. Regardless of your fitness level you will find an activity perfect to support your recovery program.

Art Therapy: Enjoy creating art based on recovery subjects. An art therapist will suggest themes and guide discussions based on the art created.

Cycling: Biking on paths or roadways provides exertion, just enough to get the heart beating and the mind focused.

Fishing: Fishing is a demonstration of patience and serenity. You cannot control if the fish are biting, but you can focus on your thoughts.

Fitness: Fitness therapy is enjoyable at Northlake Recovery with a state-of the-art gym, basketball courts, and yoga.

Music Therapy: Music therapy can be a guided group event or a personal journey. Northlake Recovery has a music group that can help record and produce music too.

Water Activities: Yes, our Southern Florida rehab offers water activities upon request! Scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and swimming are all available if you ask. Some of our clients even go swimming with sharks!

There are experiential therapy activities for everyone at Northlake Recovery! Even if you cannot push yourself physically, you will find an activity you love. Check here for a full list of our adventure activities.

Ready to Join Experiential Therapy Activities?

If you are ready to get active in recovery, call Northlake Recovery at (561)-770-6616. We offer many experiential therapy activities designed to support your recovery and build your self-confidence. Call today!

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