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In 2018, one infant was born every hour suffering from withdrawal symptoms. If you are a pregnant woman wondering how to get off drugs, continuing reading. There is hope of recovery and a normal life; for you and the baby.

How Drugs Affects the Unborn Baby

Some drugs restrict blood flow. For a pregnant woman, the blood flow is restricted in the placenta. The growing baby may not receive enough oxygen or nutrients needed to survive and grow. This increases the risk of the baby suffering from stroke while still in the womb.

Drug babies are at risk of early birth as 25% are born prematurely. 20% of babies born to meth users were born below the 10th percentile for weight.

If the mother injected drugs and contracted an infectious disease, the baby is also at risk for that disease. Babies can be born with hepatitis and AIDS. But the AIDS antibodies may leave the baby’s body within one year. If that happens, the baby will not contract the disease.

Babies Born Intoxicated

If the mother is still using drugs close to the time she gives birth, the baby can show signs of intoxication.

  • High blood pressure
  • Irritability
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Rigidity
  • Seizures
  • Stroke

Babies Born in Withdrawal

When the mother is still using but does not have a fix close to going into labor, the baby will suffer withdrawal symptoms or show symptoms shortly after birth.

  • Difficulty to wake
  • Irritable
  • Lethargy
  • Poor feeding or nursing if able to latch
  • Weak muscle tone

Potential Long-Term Problems

Several studies have shown that babies born to drug users can have a normal life if treated early. But they are at greater risk for depression, anxiety, and learning disabilities.

When these children are not monitored and treated as needed, they can suffer from poor eating habits, stunted growth, behavioral problems, irritability, problems with hand-eye coordination, difficulty staying focused, lack of attention, spacial problems, unprovoked fits of anger, and learning disabilities.

As they get older, left untreated they may show increased aggression and poor judgment by age 8-10 years. By 15 years old these children struggle with academic failure and poor social adjustment. They are three times more likely to be behind in school than those whose mothers did not use meth. 15% are behind by one or more years.

Early Intervention

Children expose to drugs in the womb can lead a normal life with early intervention. Studies show that if these children stay in a home without drug abuse and receive positive nurturing, brain damage caused in the womb can be reversed. And with screening during childhood, learning disabilities can be treated and overcome.

How to Get Off Drugs for Pregnant Women?

Women who are pregnant and using drugs can receive detox treatment in a treatment center. A qualified treatment center may offer medical detox, medication designed to reduce withdrawal symptoms. This will make the process of detox easier for the mother and unborn baby. It is recommended that detox happen within the first trimester of pregnancy. Regardless, seek help as soon as possible.

How to Get Sober for Newborn Babies?

If a baby is born intoxicated or in withdrawal, the attending pediatric doctor will decide the best treatment. Medical detox may be administered depending on the symptoms and condition of the newborn.

A baby born of a drug user will need extra attention. Infant massage will help soothe the baby when distressed and in pain. If you care for one of these special babies, have help available. It is easy to wear out from lack of sleep and the crying of a newborn. It can be more so with one of these precious babies.

Substance Abuse Treatment You Can Trust

If you are pregnant and are asking how to get off drugs, call Northlake Recovery now at (561)-770-6616. An addiction specialist will help you find the right detox center to help you and your baby.

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