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Art Therapy is a Complementary and Alternative Medical Practice (CAM) treatment to the evidenced-based therapies offered in rehab. Since the 1950s, Art Therapy has helped recovering addicts explore their emotions through creativity. Northlake Recovery, a Florida drug rehab center, is using Art Therapy in a creative approach to sobriety.

Popularity of Art and Music Therapy

36.8% of rehab facilities offer Art Therapy and 14.7% offer Music Therapy. Those programs that offer Art Therapy treat a larger number of women. While Music Therapy is used most often with youths. These therapies are Motivational Enhancement Therapies (MET) and Contingency Management (CM) respectively.

40% of adults use CAMs to discuss Substance Use Disorders (SUD). Northlake Recovery in Southern Florida offers both Art and Music Therapy along with other CAMs.

Definition of Art Therapy

There are many styles of Art Therapy, but the basis is the same. Help the person coping with substance abuse learn about self, others, and the world. This is done through incident drawings, stress painting, art journals, and sculptures. The recovering addict will review the art made.

Incident Drawings: Drawings are created around a time of substance abuse. This serves to explore why the abuse happened.

Stress Painting: Drawings and paintings are completed during times of stress. This is a coping mechanism learned in place of substance abuse.

Art Journals: Art journals are like writing journals. They document emotions, feelings, and events to diffuse potential causes. These journals serve to see patterns of substance abuse.

Sculptures: Made from different materials, sculptures allow recovering addicts work out their emotions.

Art Therapy Gives Resolution

Art Therapy helps recovering addicts restore a sense of well-being. It is used with those battling addictions, trauma, mental disorders, developmental disorders, and adverse physical health.

  • Helps decrease denial
  • Helps reduce resistance to treatment
  • Helps to deal with problem behaviors
  • Motivates change in behaviors
  • Opens communication
  • Reduces shame
  • Reduces stress

TEDx NYU Talks Color and Art Therapy

On April 15, 2016, Dr. Jordan Potash, ATR-BC, REAT, LCPAT, LCAT, spoke at Color Party: TEDx NYU. He emphasized creating art based on self; thoughts, feelings, memories, dreams, and ideas. He believes that when one focuses on coloring; the mind is freed to work out problems.

Jordan Potash addressed talent and resistance to creating art. Art Therapy is not to learn new techniques to create a masterpiece. It is a means to an end. Patients are encouraged to work with the skills they already have. If you can make a mark on paper, you can create art.

Florida Drug Rehab Creates Sobering Thought Through Art Therapy

Art Therapy has many benefits. The most important benefit for recovering addicts is the creation of sober thinking. Recognizing patterns through art journals, reducing stress through drawing and painting, and disarming triggers through incident drawing helps one stay sober.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and need help, call Northlake Recovery today. We offer evidence-based treatment and alternative practices like Art Therapy. Call (561)-770-6616 to learn more about how we can help you.

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