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Drug abuse is a symptom that life is not working. Something is causing life to be difficult and the person showing addictive behaviors is looking for a way to manage the problem. Instead of only focusing on the addictive behaviors, holistic drug detox programs focus on a person’s overall lifestyle and what is causing the addiction.

Beginning a Holistic Drug Detox Program

Holistic drug detox programs start with clearing the body of harmful chemicals. The human body cannot metabolize the harmful chemical found in drugs. Over time, those chemicals will build up in the fatty tissues. Once in the fatty tissue, the chemicals can release without warning. That’s why many people experience intense cravings for drugs many years after using them. This causes relapse in people even after decades of sobriety.

To prevent this from happening, holistic drug detox programs use a variety of methods to cleanse the chemicals out of the fatty tissue. Sweating is one of the best ways to remove chemical buildup from the body. So, saunas have become a popular addition to holistic drug detox programs. Massage, exercise, and proper diet also helps to remove those toxins and manage withdrawal symptoms.

After Withdrawal Symptoms Fade

Once withdrawal symptoms fade, holistic programs will focus on why the addictive behaviors occurred. Individual counseling will look at emotional, psychological, and even spiritual causes of addiction. Motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavior therapy, and motivational incentives may help understand why the addictive behaviors occurred and how to encourage changing those behaviors.

Even though therapy focuses on the psychological and emotional side of addiction, the physical side continues to receive attention. Proper diet and exercise helps to curb cravings and continues to detox the body.

More Therapies Available at Holistic Drug Detox Programs

Along with traditional therapies, holistic drug detox centers offer a variety of alternative therapies to help one stay sober. Learning mindfulness is important to sobriety. Mindfulness is an act of staying in the moment and recognizing your thoughts, feeling, emotions, and physical symptoms. When one can recognize they are unhappy or in physical pain, he or she can make healthy choices to manage those feelings or symptoms.

Yoga is a great tool for practicing mindfulness and decreasing pain in the body. Many holistic drug detox programs offer classes in both mindfulness and yoga. Journaling and music or art therapy also help to connect with one’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Who Can Attend Holistic Drug Detox Programs?

Anyone who wants to get sober and will work for sobriety can attend a holistic program. Often those who have tried traditional detox programs and have relapsed found that holistic drug detox programs work where others have failed.

Ready to Try Holistic Drug Detox Programs?

If you have tried traditional drug detox and have not seen the results you wanted, call Northlake Recovery in Southern Florida for more information on holistic drug detox programs. We offer nutritional therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic care, mindfulness training, yoga, and many more therapies to help you on your journey to sobriety. Call (561)-770-6616 today!


  • Angela Woodle says:

    My daughter is there with u now. I hope she is doing well. It is important to me that she conquer this addiction. She is a wonderful person and I miss her dearly. Please take special care of her. She will always be my baby! Her name is Macey Woodle. She is a dandy! Thank you for being available to help her! I wish her the best!

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