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Cheers to You, and Another Year Sober!

Well for some sobriety is on its way, or just a notion for the new year. Maybe your resolution this year is to finally kick that demon to the curb, and allow the rest of your life to finally happen. You have been procrastinating long enough, and sometimes taking that next step can be the biggest fear you have when facing the next step in that direction. Northlake Recovery is here to help guide you into a fresh new year. It wont be easy, but proper support is one phone call away.

An Adventure is Waiting for You

You are literally avoiding the most rewarding time of your life to come. Growing and learning to face your fears and over-coming them is one of life’s most valuable lessons. These skills that you grow from are the building blocks to a successful future doing whatever you want.

For those of you that have made it yet another year sober, congratulations, you are literally my hero. Get involved, and help spread what you have learned to those who need it the most. You will find this information just as helpful.

Here are a few tips to keep you sober during all the New Years shenanigans. Get over this obstacle, and a new sober life is so much closer to becoming a reality. And if you get stuck, or feel like you are going to break, give us a call.

Avoiding New Years Triggers

  • Avoid Bars and Clubs – This is the first rule, and easiest to relapse from.
  • Go on an Adventure – Hiking, bicycle riding, jogging, working out, fishing, yoga, the possibilities are endless!
  • Make a Meal or Dinner Plans – Whether its a friend, family, or special someone… You can celebrate without popping bottles.
  • Movies at Home or at the Theater – Go out, make a night of it, gorge n popcorn, or make a healthy snack. Movie nights rock!
  • Get Involved in Charity – Feed the homeless, pass out supplies, or start a fundraiser. Even volunteering is a great way to help.
  • Make Some Art – Or take an Art class. Try something new instead of having the urge to drink or do drugs.
  • Video and Board Games – With the family, or just by yourself at the arcade, or even at home.

Whatever you do, ENJOY IT!

From all of us here at Northlake Recovery, we wish you a safe and wonderful New Year filled with all of the blessings that come with a new and fresh start to yet another amazing journey around the sun. If you are struggling this new year, give us a call. Our addiction specialists are standing by. Try it toll free at (561)-770-6616 or chat with us here online.

Happy New Year!

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