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Low income and no income does not mean you should go without addiction treatment. Nor should you sacrifice quality treatment due to poorly equipped free government facilities in your home state. Instead, consider affordable drug rehabilitation in Southern Florida.

Can Affordable Drug Rehabilitation Overcome Financial Struggle?

Financial struggle is a common trigger of drug addiction. People believe drugs offer a moment of release from the stress and strain of financial problems. But the reality is drug use compounds the financial problems as any available money goes to buying more drugs.

When an individual is ready to get help for substance abuse, he or she must look at the cost of recovery on top of past due bills. The common belief is that recovery is not affordable. Yet if you look at addiction, the person suffering from drug abuse would do anything to get more drugs. If he or she can summon the same attitude about recovery, the cost would not seem so great.

Affordable drug rehabilitation options are available to everyone.

Affordable Drug Rehabilitation in Southern Florida

What does affordable mean? No one likes to be burdened with bills, especially if out of work as many recovering addicts are. In terms of addiction treatment, affordable means flexible enough for the person to cover living expenses and recovery. It is the goal of addiction treatment to help the recovering addict achieve a better life, not overwhelm him or her with fees.

That is why Northlake Recovery in Southern Florida offers flexible payment plans to those who do not have insurance. If payments are not an option, Northlake Recovery works with M-Lend Finance to offer interest-free financing for addiction treatment.

If you have insurance, Northlake Recovery will verify your benefits for free. Often insurance will cover 100% of the costs of recovery.

Outpatient Treatment as Affordable Drug Rehabilitation

Along with payment plans, choosing the right treatment is critical. While inpatient treatment offers the best outcomes, many people cannot take time away from work or family obligations. Outpatient treatment is less expensive and allows people to stay in school or working during treatment.

Northlake Recovery will complete a pre-assessment over the phone to decide the best treatment for you. If any of the options we suggest does not work for you, we will work hard to find a way that does. You will not need to call another facility looking for help. We do that for you so you can focus on getting sober without the stress of searching for the right center.

Get Help for Drug Addiction

Don’t let the cost of recovery keep you from getting the help you need. Use the same determination you had to get drugs to get sober. Call on that inner strength to get you through the doubts and fears of paying for recovery. Affordable drug rehabilitation is a phone call away. Call Northlake Recovery at (561)-770-6616.

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