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The first step into recovery is never an easy decision. It is riddled with thoughts of “what if” and “now what”. One of the many concerns around recovery is regaining the trust of family and friends while getting the help necessary to stay sober.
Choosing a recovery center may focus around financial constraints and proximity to immediate family. While these are important concerns, there are reasons to choose a center away from your home. Read below for 5 reasons to choose drug treatment at Northlake Recovery.

1. Recovery Community

Northlake Recovery’s location and surrounding towns have a strong recovery community. Its one of the reasons why we chose to place our main facility here. There are more successful recovering addicts in the area than anywhere in America. Everything from business owners, to community leaders. This is important for those recovering from addictions as many feel alone and isolated. A community that understands the recovery process makes going through the steps a lot easier. New friends who can support you through the program will encourage you to continue during the rough days.

2. Relocation as a Tool of Recovery

Family members do not always understand the struggles of an addict. Nor do they know what it takes to get sober unless they have worked the steps themselves. There are times the you will benefit from separation from the family unit until recovery is gained. A physical separation can offer a different perspective to the problem and family dynamics, offering new insights into recovery. Being around old habits, old friends, and regular triggers is one of the easiest ways to slip back into addiction.

3. 12-Step Meetings

There are a variety of AA meetings that have been proven to help with aftercare. Whether you are a newcomer or old-timer, there are meetings available to fit your needs. There are 47 AA meetings per week in the area alone. There is one CoDa men’s group that meets weekly on the beach, and three other groups in Delray Beach that meet weekly. Overeaters Anonymous, Gambler’s Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous meetings are also available in the area. Having a strong support system is important for aftercare.

4. Location

Northlake Recovery is right near the ocean and inter-coastal. The beach offers many amenities for recreational use including concession stands, BBQ grills, picnic tables, playgrounds, and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. Lifeguards are on duty 7 days per week. Right in the middle of lots of adventure, and outdoor activities to keep you busy and help you on your path to sober living.

5. Weather

The weather in our area is perfect for those who are detoxing. Summer highs reach 90°F in July and August. The record high was 99° F in 2006. Nighttime lows are in the 70s. During the winter the highs are still a warm 75° F with nighttime lows of 57° F.

Bonus –  Events

Everything from movies being filmed in the area, to some of the most amazing shows, concerts and community events. The community around Northlake Recovery has something fun and adventurous to do every day.

When you have decided on recovery, consider Northlake Recovery once you have done proper research. We offer community support in a relaxed beach environment.

Proper recovery can make the difference. Give us a call today at (561)-770-6616 to learn more about our effective rehab treatment programs.

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