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Are You Considering a Medical Detox for Alcohol Addiction?

If you or a loved one has been suffering from alcoholism and are thinking of entering a treatment program, you may be curious about the benefits of medical detox. Consistent heavy drinking can alter the body’s functioning, and withdrawals can be extremely severe. Medical detox for alcohol addiction is only the first step in recovery, but it’s extremely important that appropriate attention is given to the person detoxing.

Some severe symptoms of withdrawal that medical detox for alcohol addiction can address include:

  • Preventing possible seizures
  • Monitoring blood pressure
  • Tracking heart rate for irregularities
  • Helping to control severe cravings

Withdrawal symptoms can occur as soon as four hours after last consuming alcohol and may last several weeks. The benefits of medical detox in South Florida can help you or loved one remain medically stable during this process and decrease discomfort.

Discovering the Benefits Professional of Medical Detox Services

Alcohol abuse is a costly disorder, one that costs our nation nearly $300 billion annually by causing arrests, lost productivity, accidental injuries and even death. If you’re suffering from addiction to alcohol, Northlake Recovery’s evidence-based recovery programs can help you to recover from this complex and chronic disease.

Northlake Recovery’s intensive outpatient program or partial hospitalization treatment options offer varying levels of support during medical detox for alcohol addiction. The following factors are taken into consideration when formulating the best detox approach for each individual:

  • Age
  • Alcohol and other substance abuse history
  • Health history, including past seizures

One of the main benefits of medical detox is harm reduction. This means that you will be far less likely to experience severe symptoms at a life-threatening level. Your cognitive and emotional states of well-being will also be less affected. This helps you to be better prepared to participate in Northlake Recovery’s evidence-based recovery treatment, which includes peer group therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

The Benefits of Medical Detox: Helping to Create Sober Lives

Trying to detox from alcohol without professional addiction treatment can place your life in danger. If you’re serious about getting sober, Northlake Recovery can provide the support and services needed to help you get clean, safely and effectively. With 12-month post-release plans to help you maintain an alcohol-free life, you can finally start the journey to sobriety knowing that you have an entire team supporting you throughout the most important endeavor of your life.

Ready to beat your addiction? Call (561)-770-6616 today and get started.

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