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Alcohol is addictive and is the most common substance abused in the United States. One in 12 adults are addicted to alcohol and 88,000 people die per year because of excessive alcohol use. This equals more than half of all adults who suffer or have suffered with the effects of alcoholism.

In the United States, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) serves 1,383,848 of these people in 67,193 groups. Meetings are held daily and everyone is welcome to attend. The only need for membership is the wish to get help with a drinking problem.

While AA is effective for helping alcoholics, sometimes the alcoholic needs intensive help that can only be found in a hospital-like environment. When an alcoholic is ready to get treatment, he or she may consider residential alcohol rehab in Florida.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) in Southern Florida

After the alcoholic completes detoxification, he can enroll in a PHP in a quality treatment center such as Northlake Recovery. Northlake Recovery’s residential alcohol rehab center in Southern Florida provides monitored care in a recovery home. While not a sterile facility like a hospital, the center is restrictive to help the alcoholic during the early days of recovery by removing temptation.

The alcoholic will sleep and eat in the same building where treatment takes place. This allows the alcoholic to immerse himself in recovery, leaving behind the stress of living near triggers. He is surrounded by others who are learning how to stay sober. Peer support helps him realize he is not alone in his addiction.

Why Peer Support is Vital to Recovery

Family members don’t understand addiction unless they have been through recovery. To be honest, family members are struggling with their own addiction, the addiction of controlling the addict. This is a co-dependent behavior that destroys the family bond and builds distrust and resentment on both sides.

When the alcoholic enrolls in a PHP, the entire family gains room to breathe and recover. The alcoholic learns he is not alone in his addiction. He learns how his behavior affected others by hearing stories from his peers. He learns how the addiction has distorted his thoughts around family and trust. This discovery take time. The time recommended that the alcoholic stay in PHP is 90 days.

While the alcoholic learns life skills in the residential alcohol rehab in Florida, the family should seek recovery in their home state. The primary therapist assigned will discuss treatment options with the family. Recovery meetings in Al-Anon and CoDA are encouraged.

The primary therapist will ask the family to write and send the alcoholic an impact letter. This letter will detail how alcoholism has affected life in the family. While difficult for the alcoholic to hear, it’s needed for his recovery. Again, he is in a place of support and his peers will help him understand and accept the impact. It is a vital step in recovery.

Ready to Gain Peer Support?

If you or a loved one are ready to gain peer support for alcoholism, call Northlake Recovery at (561)-770-6616. Our residential alcohol rehab in Southern Florida will give the support needed for recovery.


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