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Do You Need Help for Alcohol Addiction?

If you live daily with the compulsive, nearly uncontrollable need to drink, you may need professional help for alcohol addiction. Addiction is a chronic disease of the brain that requires treatment in order for its sufferers to achieve sobriety. Has your alcohol consumption caused the following problems in your life?

  • Financial issues that stem from drinking
  • Employment problems
  • Loss of friends
  • Family dysfunction
  • Lying about or hiding your alcohol consumption
  • Resorting to illegal means to fund your drinking
  • Driving drunk
  • Intense cravings if you try to stop drinking
  • Acting out emotionally

Northlake Recovery offers intensive outpatient program and partial hospitalization program treatment to ensure that you get the help you need most. Alcoholism can make you vulnerable, but Northlake Recovery is here to help you rebuild your strength and discover yourself in sobriety.

Evidence-Based Recovery to Heal from Addiction

Northlake Recovery is one of the most trusted facility for detox and recovery services that you can find in America. Peer group therapy, which has been shown to be highly effective in addressing the unique needs of each person in recovery, is heavily emphasized as a clinical treatment approach. Participants find the development of social support within the group to be highly encouraging. Northlake Recovery focuses on continuity of care with a 12-month discharge plan utilizing these groups as an ongoing, post-treatment sobriety maintenance tool.

If you’re wondering if you need help for alcohol addiction, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. Thousands of people in South Florida are fighting a battle against alcoholism, and your illness is not your fault. Much like cancer, addiction develops over time and can strike anyone, anywhere and at any time in their life. It’s important to stop blaming yourself or making excuses, because there are evidence-based recovery treatments that really do work.

Get Help for Alcohol Addiction Today!

Getting help for alcohol addiction should be your top priority. You are damaging your health and your relationships with family and friends. You’re also destroying your career. You can get sober and stay that way, but you can’t do it on your own.

Professional help for alcohol addiction at Northlake Recovery provides the assistance, education and support you need to stop fighting a daily battle against drinking. Are you ready to finally win the war for your life and emerge victorious from alcohol addiction? Call (561)-770-6616 today and reclaim your life.

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