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Many working professionals cope with stress and anxiety through substance abuse. In fact, 70% of those who abuse substances work. Many of those struggling with substance abuse while holding a job refuse help due to the stigma of addiction and the inability to take time off work. Day rehab can solve these issues.

What is Day Rehab?

Day rehab is an outpatient program that provides accountability in addiction treatment. The intensity of the program varies per individual needs but is significantly less involved than inpatient treatment. Day rehab requires at least two hours’ commitment per week with regular attendance at meetings and other appointments.

Day rehab is a continuing care program where many centers require clients to find an addiction recovery therapist, counselor, or coach outside the program. By limiting the time needed to complete the program weekly, clients can continue working, going to school, or meeting family commitments.

Many centers need a 90-day commitment, but allow you to progress at your own pace. You can take as much time as needed in the program.

While a great solution for those who cannot take time away from daily activities, sometimes more support is needed. For those who need more attention during the recovery process they can opt for Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

What is an IOP?

An IOP gives a person seeking recovery more stability, accountability, and support than a traditional day rehab. Clients live in a sober house with other people seeking treatment. Therapies happen at times of the day and night that are commonly problematic for recovering addicts. Therapies are offered on a day or evening and weekends schedule so daily commitments can be met outside the sober house.

When to Choose Day Rehab Versus and IOP?

  • Day rehab is a great choice when one is healthy and does not need medical monitoring during addiction recovery. Someone who is just beginning a battle with substance abuse can improve with this model of treatment. But if addiction is an ongoing battle, he or she should attend an IOP or a traditional rehab.
  • When one has a stable place to live where no one else is abusing substances, he or she can attend a day program. Otherwise an IOP is the wise choice.
  • If one has a strong support network of family and friends to encourage sobriety, then day rehab is a great choice. Otherwise consider an IOP.
  • Day rehab is part of a continuing care plan once traditional rehab or an IOP is complete.
  • When finances and work schedules do not allow for intensive treatment a day program can fill the gap.

Can Day Rehab Help Me Get Sober While I Still Work?

Outpatient treatment for addiction is effective. It can help you stay sober while working, going to school, or meeting family commitments. If you have questions or are ready to enroll in day rehab, contact Northlake Recovery at (561)-770-6616. Addiction specialists are waiting to help you onto the path of recovery.

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