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Learning About the Health Risks of Alcohol Withdrawal

If you’re suffering from an addiction to alcohol, you have probably noticed that you begin to feel badly if you don’t drink your regular amount. Alcohol withdrawal occurs because addiction causes physical changes to your body. Heavy, prolonged drinking actually disrupts the neurotransmitters in your brain, and alcohol begins to replace the functioning of these naturally occurring chemicals that are crucial to your well-being.

Withdrawal symptoms can occur within hours of your last drink, and they may last several weeks. Although some symptoms may be somewhat mild and tolerable, such as anxiety or sleeplessness, there are many health risks of alcohol withdrawal. Some of these can include:

  • Having seizures
  • Delirium tremens, also known as DTs, which can include severe tremors, shaking, confusion and hallucinations
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Irregular heartbeat

Addressing the Health Risks of Alcohol Withdrawal in South Florida

More than 80% of adults aged 18 years and up use alcohol during their lifetime, and a large portion of these individuals are at a high risk for developing an addiction. Northlake Recovery is experienced in mitigating the health risks of alcohol withdrawal in order to help you detox safely and comfortably. With Northlake Recovery’s evidence-based recovery methods, you’ll learn to rediscover the joy of living clean and sober.

Northlake Recovery concentrates on peer group therapy. As both a focus of recovery treatment and post-program support, this method of evidence-based recovery services will equip you to live independently from the influence of alcohol. You’re an individual with unique needs, and Northlake Recovery is ready to accommodate you during detox and treatment.

You Don’t Have to Experience the Health Risks of Alcohol Withdrawal on Your Own

Northlake Recovery provides world-class care with intensive outpatient therapy and partial hospitalization treatment. Facing detox and recovery after suffering through addiction can be frightening, but you are not alone. With the professional services and therapy available at Northlake Recovery, you’ll have support and guidance through every step of the process.

If you or a loved one has been drinking heavily for an extended period of time, you need to realize that withdrawals can sometimes become life threatening. There is life after alcohol addiction, but you need professional help during the detox process. Don’t wait to ask for help, because every day that is spent in the throes of addiction poses a danger to your health.

Beat your alcohol addiction with the best accredited Florida rehab center, call Northlake Recovery today at (561)-770-6616 and get started on the road to a successful recovery. 


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