What Is The Admissions Process?

Northlake Recovery’s goal is to ensure that your call is the last one you will need to make to find the help you deserve. After learning about you or your loved one during the pre-assessment, your admissions advisor will provide you with options for care. If there is not a match, your admissions advisor at Northlake Recovery will not stop working until a suitable program at another center has been found to meet your needs. Call 561-770-6616 to begin speaking with an admissions advisor at Northlake Recovery.

Our Promise

Incorporating physical activities, nutrition and fitness, and natural pain management into the treatment program provides life lessons that inspire and set the stage for life-long sober living.

Pre-Admissions Assessment

We will begin by gathering key information about the person in need. Whether it be a friend or family member. Ultimately, we need to complete a pre-assessment over the phone with the person seeking treatment.

Insurance / Self Payment

Another important piece in the admissions process is determining the client’s insurance benefits coverage and or financial backing. We will thoroughly and quickly verify the insurance benefits as soon as it is given to us, depending on the insurance company’s cooperation.

Travel Arrangments

Once pre­-assessment and insurance verification/self­-pay is completed and approved the next step is means of transportation. We do offer free pick up for clients located near our facility and surrounding areas.

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