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When you’re battling a meth addiction, you may have a lot of internal conflict about what to do. While your mind tells you to keep using and continue the way that you’re living, you can still see that your life is becoming highly unmanageable. What many addicts fail to understand is that addiction is a legitimate brain disease, and the reason why addicts don’t realize they severely need help is that the part of the brain responsible for self-awareness and logical decision making is abnormal.

Addiction is a Disease of the Brain

There are a lot of misconceptions about addicts, and the primary one is that addicts are making bad life choices. It’s true that addicts are making poor decisions and should get help for their issues, but their mind doesn’t work like that of the average person.

What classifies anything as a disease is when an organ is affected and there are symptoms that can be pinpointed. In an addict’s brain, the pleasure system is flooded with dopamine whenever a person uses alcohol and drugs, and the dopamine is supposed to send messages to the frontal lobe of the brain so the individual can make logical decisions about the next actions to take. In addicts’ brains, these logical decisions don’t happen, so they are unable to prioritize how their actions will affect different parts of their lives.

Detox for Meth Addiction

People who abuse substances like alcohol or opiates will have symptoms of withdrawal when they try to quit, and detox medications can help. Detox for meth addiction is very different because the drug doesn’t cause many physical withdrawal symptoms. When a person goes through detox for meth addiction, it’s simply a waiting game. The process for detox for meth addiction can involve psychiatric evaluations, and they may sleep a lot. They’re used to going full speed all the time, so when they go through detox for meth addiction, they become very tired.

Help Battle Meth Addiction

Whether you’ve completed detox for meth addiction or you’re going through it, you can begin addiction treatment at Northlake Recovery’s state of the art facility. We specialize in evidence-based recovery as well as peer group therapy, and these are crucial parts of the recovery process to help you overcome your meth addiction for good. If you’d like to learn more about how you can begin a new life free of active addiction, give us a call today at (561)-770-6616.

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