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It sometimes seems like you are lost down a dirt road for those struggling with heroin abuse. If you are ready to admit that you have a problem and want to find your way back, you may need professional help from the right facility. Heroin is a synthesized opioid made from morphine, a powerful opiate that can lead you away from your normal life, and take you down a path of destruction or worse. In a recent polling, it’s been found that more than four million Americans aged 12 or older have used this drug at least once. And Northlake Recovery is here to offer a path back.

Lost in a World of Addiction

Heroin is commonly injected after being mixed with water. It can also be smoked, snorted or inhaled. The substance itself often appears white or almost brown in color. Another form that is black and sticky known as “black tar heroin” is on the streets as well.

This drug is delivered quickly to the brain where it rapidly increases the amount of dopamine. This has a huge effect on the reward centers in the brain of the user, creating a physical and mental addiction. Some say their lives change forever, almost like getting lost in an unfamiliar world filled with new adventures. One thing is certain, everyone ends up on the same island, lost, lonely, and moments away from a fatal ending. 

What Are The First Steps For South Florida Residents Seeking Treatment For Heroin Addiction?

A quality rehab center focuses on evidence-based recovery methods. These methods may include behavioral therapy where addicts engage with their peers. With behavioral therapy, addicts allow their peers to challenge the negative thought patterns they have about themselves. This can work to reduce the harmful habits which may lead to heroin abuse.

What Other Types Of Treatment Methods Are Available?

Other treatment methods for heroin addiction may include peer group therapy. Peer group therapy allows addicts looking for treatment for heroin addiction to completely tailor their program to their needs. For many, the routine involved with group therapy can help to curb unwanted behaviors as well.

Do I Need To Travel To Receive Treatment For Heroin Addiction?

Luckily for Florida residents, many of the best treatment centers in the country are located within state lines. There is a good chance that very little travel will be required for you to receive treatment. For residents elsewhere, you may want to travel away from your home area, full of familiar triggers, for treatment.

If you’re looking for treatment for heroin addiction, reaching out to a professional rehab center is one of the first steps toward getting treatment. Give Northlake Recovery a call if you’re struggling with heroin abuse. We can help you build the healthy habits you need to stay sober. Call us today at (561)-770-6616.

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