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Don’t let addiction fool you into thinking that your inner strength has boundaries. Here at the Northlake Recovery, we believe that there are 3 illusions that keep you from taking the next step to sobriety.

Illusion # 1: I Can’t Change

” I’ll just relapse. There’s no point in trying. I can’t change,” Victoria tells herself. But all her objections are ingrained in illusion.

Victoria has adjusted to plenty of changes across her lifetime, even day-to-day activities show her versatility. Before her drug use started, she kept several very diverse jobs. She mastered skills for retail, restaurant, and service industry atmospheres. Her current relationships consist of artists, athletes, and Military recruits. By keeping such unique relationships, she’s clearly able to communicate with people. Victoria has lived in Los Angeles, New York, and Ohio. Adjusting to these different surroundings took skill.

When her sibling reminded her of these qualities: Versatility and determination, it motivated Victoria. It’s true; she ‘d encountered some pretty challenging modifications in the past. But she was always able to adjust and conquer to satisfy new demands. Maybe she would give treatment a try after all.

You’ve acclimatized to new situations before. You’ve made difficult adjustments in the past. Like Victoria, you’re a lot more versatile than you believe.

Illusion # 2: I’m Not Sturdy Enough

Amanda is frightened. Her family keeps asking her to get aid for her substance abuse, but she doesn’t have the guts. How can she potentially admit to everyone that she has a drug issue? How can she go to an unusual rehab facility where she knows no one? How can she live life without drugs? It would be too hard to deal with.

Amanda’s mom noticed her daughter’s concern. She knew Amanda required motivation, so she provided these words: “Amanda, you went off to college by yourself, far away from home. You starred in three high school plays and a local production. Just last season, you operated as a lifeguard. When no one else was willing to stand up to your friend Amy’s bullying mindset, you were the one who faced her. I see so many things in your life that show fearlessness. Don’t let fear keep you back from receiving help. You have the tenacity. You can do this.”

You’ve faced obstacles in your lifespan and you’ve dealt with bulldozing scenarios. Just like Amanda, you’re a lot stronger than you presume. Don’t let a concern of the unknown prevent you from finding help.

Illusion # 3: I’m in This All by Myself

Darin rests alone in his room. “I’ll never get out of this wreck,” he says out loud while staring at the bag of pills on his table. “No one will guide me. I can’t pay for rehab. No one will understand anyhow. I’m all by myself, and there’s very little I can do to get away from my addiction.”

If we look at Darin’s lifestyle, we understand the seclusion is an illusion. He isn’t alone at all. In fact, he has a lot of choices available. He has an older sister and two nurturing parents that would happily help him. There are a dozen support groups within five miles of his residence. His employer offers monetary support for rehab, and the local treatment facility offers scholarships for individuals in need. Darin’s substance abuse certainly has him in a difficult situation, but he’s not there alone.

You’re not in this battle alone. Local groups, family members, friends, associates, therapists and others are out there, and they’re ready, eager, and capable to offer help. You have choices available to fund your treatment. Like Darin, you have more tools and options than you believe. Don’t disconnect; reach out and ask for help.

Talk to Someone You Can Trust

You can start by calling the Northlake Recoverys toll free addiction hotline at (561)-770-6616. Whether you’re a parent, sibling, or loved one of an addict, or considering treatment yourself, our experienced staff is here to help guide you to the right scenario, regardless of the situation. If you don’t have anyone to talk to, call us. Sometimes all it takes is a little support. We are standing by 24/7.

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