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Senior citizens need more drugs to treat chronic illness than any other age group. Medications coupled with substance use disorders is a serious problem. There are over 2.5 million seniors with substance use disorders. 20%-35% of seniors age 75 to 85 have abused alcohol. Alcoholism is highest among widowers aged 75 and older. Northlake Recovery is ready to serve seniors and help overcome alcoholism and drug abuse.

Senior Citizens at Risk for Substance Use Disorder

Seniors suffer with chronic illness requiring drugs. 80% of seniors have one chronic illness, while 68% have two. Often, seniors will turn to alcohol and drugs to dull the effects of chronic illness. It’s difficult to see the symptoms of substance abuse in seniors. Alcoholism and drug addiction can be mistaken for the side-effects of medications.

“While the rate of seniors using illegal drugs, like marijuana, is low, older adults often take a higher number of medications to treat chronic illnesses,” says Stephen Scheinthal, DO, an osteopathic geriatric psychiatrist from Stratford, New Jersey. “On average, seniors take four to nine pills per day between their prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications and abuse of these medications is not always easy to spot,” he adds.  

Symptoms of Addiction in Seniors

Seniors spend the majority of time alone or with a mate. Little time is spent with friends and family that live outside the senior’s home. One study noted that seniors aged 70 and above who lived alone spent 75% of their time alone. It becomes more challenging to notice addiction if not present in a senior’s life.

Symptoms of Addiction in Seniors

  • Less active than normal
  • Refusal to receive company
  • Memory loss and confusion
  • Hostility
  • Depression
  • Change in grooming habits
  • Slurred speech
  • Ritual drinking around meals
  • Drinking without regard to prescription warning labels

Intervention by Trusted Sources in the Community.

If suspected that a senior is abusing drugs or alcohol, take action quickly. Seniors are at great risk for overdose death due to interactions with prescription drugs. Northlake Recovery, one of the most trusted centers in America, offers intervention help to families of seniors. An intervention specialist will come to the home and help the family discuss recovery options with the senior.

Why Northlake Recovery is the Top Choice for Seniors

Florida’s has 18.7 million residents, 3 million of them are seniors. This is the largest concentration of seniors in any state in the United States. Why so many seniors in the Sunshine State? Great weather makes it easier for seniors to stay active. Florida offers activities throughout the year. This makes Northlake Recovery a great choice for addiction services.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Florida Serves Senior Citizens

If you are a senior citizen battling substance abuse, our team can help. Addiction Specialists are waiting to talk to you at (561)-770-6616. Calls are confidential. Northlake Recovery offers free insurance verification and will work with you to create an affordable payment plan.

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