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Over half of all prisoners in the United States meet the criteria for drug abuse or dependence. Only 11% of those prisoners receive treatment while in the jail system. Those with substance use disorders (SUD) usually relapse and return to criminal behaviors if not treated. As a captive audience, this high-risk population is an opportunity for policy change, relapse prevention, and sober living upon release if treated appropriately. The drug courts and rehab centers in Oklahoma have seen this need and acted to reduce prison residents and increase sobriety in the state.

Oklahoma Inmates with Mental Illness or SUD by The Numbers

Oklahoma conducted a study of inmates with a history of or active problem with mental health or SUD.

  • 55% of all offenders have a history of mental illness.
  • 75% of female inmates are diagnosed with mental illness.
  • 53% of male inmates are diagnosed with mental illness.
  • 55% of those with mental illness are convicted for non-violent offenses.
  • 33% of inmates are in prison for drug or alcohol offenses.
  • 50% are imprisoned for a crime related to substance abuse.

Drug Courts and Rehab Centers in Oklahoma Reduce Prison Residents with http://www.Northlake

Cost to Incarcerate Versus Treat Those with Mental Illness or SUD

The court system in Oklahoma is saving money by deferring incarceration for mental health and SUD treatment for non-violent offenders.

Drug Courts and Rehab Centers in Oklahoma Reduce Prison Residents with http://www.Northlake

Aside from saving the judicial system money, treatment helps reduce crime. Treatment helps non-violent offenders receive help, get and stay sober, and reduces the chance of repeat offenses. This serves families, communities, and the Oklahoma state government better than overtaxing the correction facilities.

Treatment works. Oklahoma recognizes the benefit of diverting eligible offenders from prison to rehab centers in Oklahoma. These courts are saving people’s lives.

Drug Courts and Rehab Centers in Oklahoma Reduce Prison Residents

Drug courts work with rehab centers in Oklahoma to offer the ‘Smart on Crime’ package to non-violent offenders. These offenders present with an untreated mental illness or SUD. Instead of jail, they take part in a closely monitored treatment program. Possible programs include adult drug court, juvenile drug court, mental health court, family drug court, day reporting program, etc.

Drug Courts and Rehab Centers in Oklahoma Reduce Prison Residents with http://www.Northlake

Adult Drug Court and Rehab Centers in Oklahoma

Adult drug court has operated since 1995 and is now available in 73 of 77 counties in Oklahoma. The ‘Smart on Crime’ package saves an average of $14,000 per person. This package has lowered re-arrest rates for non-violent offenders, with only 23.5% being incarcerated after participation. Standard probation sees 38.2% re-arrests and released inmates are reported at 54.3% re-arrested.

The success of this package has supported other initiatives like family drug court. This program seeks to intervene in families with substance-abusing parents. The highest goal being to reunite families in a sober home.

Rehab Centers in Oklahoma and Florida

Rehab centers in Oklahoma are working hard to offer treatment for SUD. But it may be helpful to spend time away from home to receive treatment. A change of environment and distance from peer pressure can give you a needed break to change your life. Northlake Recovery in Southern Florida can help you make those positive changes. Call (561)-770-6616 to schedule your treatment today.

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