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Think about this for one second. Even though sometimes life seems to virtually slow down or even come to a complete stop… You have to realize how very little time we have to enjoy all of the marvels that life is. It is important to look at life from this perspective when dealing with addiction. One moment you are young and filled with energy and hope, and the next you are wondering where that went. It happens at the blink of an eye, and the sooner you understand that life is too short to waste on addiction, the closer you are to living a sober life.

You are literally flying through space on a spinning rock.

If you are one of those individuals that doubt all of life’s great amazement, just look up. You are literally spinning on a rock, flying through space. Not only that but you are part of a solar system that is flying and spinning with you through the cosmos. If that is not a reflection of life’s great and mysterious significance I don’t know what to tell you, other than to observe the facts for yourself. As we fly through the great dark void that is space, realizing even further that besides our solar system, there are millions if not more just like us doing the same thing. You are part of something much greater, and you’re here to witness and enjoy every moment of it.

Life is like a jar of jellybeans.

Still unsure about how little time you have to enjoy life to it’s fullest? Watch this video.


There is no better time than now to reserve your place in a future that you define! Take a deep breathe, close your eyes, and think about a life free from addiction, and full of all the joyous wonder that is waiting for you to find. The world is one big playground for you to discover something new that you love. You could literally go somewhere new everyday, and never be able to find everything. That’s what life is all about, adventure, discovery, peace of mind, and clarity to discover more.

It’s time for Addiction Treatment.

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, contact Northlake Recovery right away. The time is now! Our trained professionals are standing by 24/7 to help. Call toll free (561)-770-6616 anytime.

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