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Seven million people abuse prescription drugs in America. More than 4,000 children and young adults experiment with prescription drugs daily. These drugs are taken out of medicine cabinets, purses, or given by friends. They are depressants, pain relievers, and stimulants meant to bring balance back to life for those in pain. While prescription drugs heal lives, they become dangerous when taken by people other than those intended to use them. This is why the 2016 Red Ribbon Campaign focuses on drug awareness with the slogan, YOLO: Be drug Free.

2016 Red Ribbon Campaign and Drug Awareness with http://www.Northlake

2016 Red Ribbon Theme Competition

Red Ribbon Week is held October 23-31, 2016 and features a drug awareness theme.


YOLO stands for you only live once.

This theme was created by two sixth graders in Claysburg, Pennsylvania. The Claysburg-Kimmel Elementary School’s counselor, Danielle Simpson encouraged students to send ideas for the Red Ribbon Week Theme Contest, held yearly. Two sixth graders from the school, Kristopher Jeremiah Oakes and Logan Brehm won the competition. The students and school will receive national recognition and $500 in Red Ribbon Theme merchandise from Nimco, Inc.

National Red Ribbon Pledge for Drug Free America

As part of the week-long drug awareness campaign; students, teachers, and parents are asked to sign the National Red Ribbon Pledge for a Drug Free America. The pledge is an agreement to not use illicit drugs and/or a pledge to help educate against and watch for signs of drug abuse.

Parents sign a pledge agreeing to talk to their children about the dangers of drugs and set clear rules about drug use in the family. Parents also agree not to abuse drugs and watch for signs of drug abuse in the family.

Want to sign the pledge? Click here: I pledge to set guidelines to help children grow up safe, healthy and drug-free.

2016 Red Ribbon Campaign and Drug Awareness with http://www.Northlake

Talk to Your Children About Drug Awareness

The pledge is important as a reminder to talk to your children about drug awareness. Parents who talk to their children regularly about drugs are 42% less likely to see drug abuse by those children. Yet when asked, only 25% of teens say their parents talk to them about the dangers of drugs.

Drug Awareness and Learning the Language

When you take the pledge to talk to your children about drug awareness, know that normal words used around the house have become slang for drug use. Learn the phrases to recognize potential danger in your home. Talk to your children so they can avoid other people using these phrases.

2016 Red Ribbon Campaign and Drug Awareness with http://www.Northlake

Don’t Unknowingly Share Your Medication

Prescription drugs are taken out of medicine cabinets of unsuspecting parents and grandparents. Lock up your medications to help prevent your children or their friends from using illicit drugs. Visit for more information and helpful suggestions to keep your children safe from prescription drug abuse.

Drug Awareness and Your Child

Join 80 million people participating in drug awareness through the Red Ribbon Campaign and talk to your child about the dangers of drug use. If you suspect your child may use prescription drugs illicitly, seek help. Call Northlake Recovery at (561)-770-6616 to speak to an intervention specialist now.

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